Bruno Mars wrote his now-classic piano ballad “When I Was Your Man” for his album Unorthodox Jukebox, released in 2012. Critics have praised the artist’s performance, and fans love the song for its bittersweet and relatable theme of regret for a lost love. In the video, Mars accompanies himself on the piano, and many reviewers have commented that he is bringing the piano back into prominence in pop music these days.

Many students who are learning how to play pop songs on the piano want to learn this song so that they can play it for their friends and sing along. If they’re just getting started with traditional piano lessons, they may be years away from mastering the sheet music to “When I Was Your Man.” However, students who learn to play piano online with the Piano in 21 Days program can play piano fast. In fact, with the right method, students who have never even touched a keyboard before can learn to play “When I Was Your Man” and other popular songs in just a few weeks.


How Is Piano In 21 Days Different From Other Types Of Piano Instruction?


Piano lessons for children are structured around weekly half hour or hour-long lessons, and the students are expected to learn how to read sheet music along with mastering a lot of manual techniques. Traditional students are required to practice lots of drills, which are boring exercises designed to train the muscles of the hand as well as to promote memorization of scales and other patterns. With this type of instruction, students usually need to spend several years learning and practicing before they can really start to see results.

Piano In 21 Days is a completely different type of instruction. It targets adult learners who want to play the piano for their own enjoyment. By providing streamlined lessons that leave out all the extras, like reading sheet music and learning theory, you can get straight to the fun part of playing popular music that they really like. By learning just a few basic techniques, you can learn to play any pop song you can find the chords for online, and your friends and other listeners won’t know that you haven’t been studying for years.


What Makes “When I Was Your Man” A Good Choice For Beginning Piano Students?


When students get to learn songs they really like and connect to, the learning process is a lot more fun. We think it’s very important for students to choose their favorite songs to work on so that they will be highly motivated to learn. Therefore, if “When I Was Your Man” is one of your favorite songs, then it’s a perfect choice for you.

In addition, the song can be played in the key of C, which is perfect for beginners because they’ll be using the white keys only. Black keys are just a little bit more complicated to learn since they require a slight adjustment to a natural hand position, and because each black key has two different identities, a sharp and a flat. To play “When I Was Your Man,” students need to learn the following chords: A minor, C, D minor, G, and F. All of these chords are easy to play.


How Do People Learn To Play “When I Was Your Man” In Such A Short Time?


By taking music theory and scale practice out of the equation, the Piano in 21 Days program allows students to focus on playing the basic chords of a song that they sing along to. To play a pop song after a few weeks of study, you will first need to memorize the names of the keys on the piano, which are named for the notes they represent. Fortunately there are just 7 notes, A through G, plus sharps and flats, and the series repeats over and over. Once you know the notes, you’ll learn how to combine them into basic chord types, including major chords, minor chords, and seventh chords. You’ll learn simple rules for forming all chords based on the first note, or chord name.

With this much knowledge, you’ll be able to look up the chords to any pop song you want to play and start playing right away. You’ll also learn how to improvise by playing the same chords in different formations and playing arpeggios. With the Piano in 21 Days program, all students are encouraged to play songs in their own way, not just memorize a model.


What Are The Benefits Of Learning The Piano As An Adult?


Learning to play the piano is a wonderful thing to do for yourself at any age. For one thing, playing an instrument is an excellent exercise for the brain. Music trains the ear to discriminate between small differences in pitch, and it sharpens your ability to perceive and remember sounds. Playing the piano is also a relaxing activity that relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and even helps people sleep better at night. Finally, playing the piano can be a wonderful social activity, whether you’re playing with other musicians or just playing for friends who want to sing along to their favorite songs. With the Piano in 21 Days method, you’ll be able to build your own repertoire of hit songs, like “When I Was Your Man.”

The video is one example of what you can be doing in just a few weeks. With online piano lessons, you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. The lessons will always be there for you to go back and review as many times as you need to, and you can also move ahead as soon as you’re ready. The best way to learn is to set aside some time every day and to start slow. In a short time, you’ll build up speed and confidence, and when your friends hear you, they’ll be amazed that you haven’t been playing for years.

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