About Jacques & Piano In 21 Days


A future piano teacher is born

On a sunny day in New Orleans, Louisiana, I make my entrance into the world.

My full name is Gregory Jacques Hopkins. Jacques was my great-grandfather’s name, who was Cajun-French. It’s a great name for a piano teacher, don’t you think?


I start taking piano lessons

I hate it. It’s boring. The songs are lame. It doesn’t help that all my friends are playing outside while I’m in my living room doing the same drills over and over.


I have my first piano recital

Hours of practice for months on end and I can finally plunk out “Three Blind Mice”. Being a typical 6 year-old, I’m not fond of the piano part – but I absolutely love the cake!


I quit piano lessons

I’ve taken piano lessons for 12 years, but when anyone asks me to play I can only play a grand total of 2 songs. And unfortunately, they’re kind of lame songs and not ones I’m proud to play in front of my friends. I quit piano lessons… but deep down I still wish there was another way to play.


I find a different approach to playing piano.

I find a different approach to playing piano. I’m extremely impressed by how much simpler this way is, and soon I’m learning new songs in minutes. Best of all, they’re songs I actually like! I decide it’s time to make my debut on YouTube, so I post a cover of the classic “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder for all the world to see.


I begin my first career

I graduate from college and start working as an engineer, despite my desire to be an online entrepreneur (uh-oh!).


I get married


I try a few entrepreneurial ventures without success

I find myself procrastinating by playing my piano when I should be working on my side-business. Later, I realize my side-business should involve piano. Bingo! I create the very first version of my Piano In 21 Days online course.


My first daughter is born

We name her Annecy, after the city in France where my wife and I got engaged.


I become a full-time online piano teacher

Fingers crossed and pretty nervous, I quit my job after 8 years of work as an engineer. It’s official: I’m a full-time course creator and online piano teacher.


Zoë joins the family

We like our first daughter so much that we decide to have another! Zoë joins the family and fits right in.

My 1,000th student enrolls in my full 21-day program. I feel very blessed for all the growth in my family and my business.


My student list is skyrocketing

Now with over 4,000 paying students, I’m still supporting my family with Piano In 21 Days full-time. More people than ever before are learning piano faster than they ever thought possible.