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How to Label Keys

How To Label Keys On A Piano or Keyboard

Picture this: you decide that you’re finally ready to really learn piano. You buy a keyboard or piano, but you’re a beginner. So you’re probably wondering, what’s your next step? Learn the keys of course! But looking at a bunch of similar-looking keys can be overwhelming.   If you’re like many people, you may soon… Read More


Which Approach To Learning Piano Is Right For You

The piano is a beautiful instrument, but how many people do you know who actually play well? You or someone you know likely has some stories about slogging through years of boring lessons. In fact, you probably know plenty of people who “learned” piano at some point in their lives, but have very little to… Read More


Learn How To Play Piano By Ear

When you’re new to piano (or returning to it after childhood lessons years ago), you’re going to spend some time thinking about the best approach for you. Should you call up your local piano teacher and schedule a trial lesson? What about signing up for an online learning program? Should you try to figure everything… Read More


Learn Chord-Based Playing Piano

So you want to learn to play piano. Great! There are literally millions of people across the world who share your interest in this awesome instrument. There are a few different approaches to how to play piano, so getting started might feel a little intimidating. But there is a simple, relatively fast way to learn… Read More


Traditional Approach to Piano for Beginners

What comes to mind when you think about learning to play piano? Chances are, there are a few images you think of right away. An acoustic piano. Pages of sheet music. A teacher – maybe a nice one, maybe not so nice – standing over you as you hesitantly plunk out some notes on the… Read More


Best Way To Learn Piano

Are you a “natural” musician? Are you the kind of person who can hear a song and simply sit down and play it? Do you find it easy to pick up a new instrument, fiddle around for a few minutes, then almost immediately start playing beautiful music? If so, congratulations. You are not who this… Read More


Guide to Beginner Piano Improvisation

There’s a myth floating around out there and everyone so often people email me about it. “Jacques,” they say, “I don’t want to learn anything formally about piano, I hate structure. Can’t I just learn to improvise?” Another variation of this is when people say things like “My father/sister/friend never studied piano. They just sit… Read More


How To Play Piano Chords

If you’ve spent any time researching how to play the piano, you’ve probably seen a certain topic come up again and again: chords. Piano chords make up a lot of modern songs, and they are an important component of playing the piano so it actually sounds good. Maybe you’ve seen lists of basic piano chords,… Read More


Easy Steps to Reading Piano Notes

When it comes to piano, you really can’t get more basic than the individual notes that each key represents. If you’ve taken any sort of lessons in the past, you probably know a bit about these notes. And even if you’ve never had a chance to have piano lessons, you might already be able to… Read More

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