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Suspended (Sus) Chords on the Piano, Simplified!

If you’ve gone through my 5-day workbook or watched any of my YouTube videos, you’ve hopefully caught onto the fact that major and minor chords are pretty simple. There are just two formulas that cover a huge majority of the chords you’ll ever see in most modern songs! Which is awesome… but what about less… Read More


Meet Carlos Perez (Finally Fulfilling Piano Dream after 30 Years)

There are times as a piano teacher where I think I’ve heard it all, but every time that happens… along comes another student success story that pulls at my heartstrings and reminds me how much I love what I do! That’s certainly the case with Carlos Perez, a Piano In 21 Days student who wowed… Read More


Slash Chords on the Piano, Simplified!

So you’re rocking out to a new song on your piano, and you’re following along with a chord chart. Everything’s going great: until you see a crazy-looking chord. Or is it two chords? And what’s that slash in the middle? Maybe it looks something like this: Dm/A. Or this: B/F#. What on earth does that… Read More


Music Theory 101 (Simple – No Music Teacher Jargon!)

Music theory: it kinda stinks, right? All those harmonic scales and key signatures and the circle of fifths… It’s enough to make a grown man cry. Or at least, to make my younger self wish wholeheartedly that I could quit piano lessons and go home to play my Super Nintendo. My History with Music Theory… Read More


Did Paul McCartney use Piano In 21 Days???

Let’s talk about Paul Mcartney, famous member of The Quarrymen! Because way back before they were The Beatles, Paul plus John Lennon started The Quarrymen with several others, and… But I digress: we’re here to talk about Paul and the piano. 😉 One of my students sent me a short interview of Paul talking about… Read More


7th Chords on the Piano, Simplified!

Are you scared of 7th chords? Or at least, a little confused about what to do when you see them in the chord notation for a song? You’re in the right place, and you’re not alone. 7th chords are probably the most common “advanced” chord people email me about.  That’s why in this post I’m… Read More


Meet Tony Lee (Broken Ankle and Learned Piano Instead of Binging Netflix)

Time for another student success story! Piano In 21 Days student Tony Lee and I had a chance to catch up over video chat recently, and it was a great conversation. Funnily enough, his piano journey started with a hiking accident that made him stay off his ankle and forced him to look for ways… Read More


What is Piano In 21 Days?

If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering: What is Piano In 21 Days? A piano course? An app? A scam? And you also might be thinking something like this: “Come on Jacques, really? Learning piano takes way longer than Piano In 21 Days.” I know, I know, I’m bringing these questions upon myself by naming… Read More


Learn Piano In 4 Minutes (2021 Update)

I’m keeping this post pretty simple in the spirit of my “Learn Piano In 4 Minutes (2021 Update)” video. Maybe you’ve seen the original? Four years ago I posted it on my little ol’ YouTube channel, and now over 2 million people have watched it there. Amazing! But even a classic needs a little polishing… Read More

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