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SIX ’70s Songs with 4 Chords

This one has been a long time coming: let’s learn some ‘70’s songs on the piano! Annie from Team PI21D gave me the day off and made an awesome video showing how you can use just four chords to play six ‘70’s piano songs. She’s a big fan of ‘70s music! And there are some… Read More


Piano SCALES & KEYS (Music Theory 101 Part 5)

What if I walked up to you at your piano one day… and told you to play in the key of A, and to make sure you use a VI, V, IV, I progression on the bridge. Would you (a) freak out because you don’t know what I’m talking about, (b) make something up and… Read More

chord progressions

Piano Chord Progressions & SONGS (Music Theory 101 Part 4)

If you’ve gone from the basics of piano notes to piano chords, then it’s time to take that knowledge one step further. Let’s talk about chord progressions! This is the part where I could wedge in a bad pun about progress. But let’s just watch this short and sweet video on chord progressions instead. 😉… Read More


Piano CHORDS (Music Theory 101 Part 3)

Piano chords: what are they, and how on earth are you going to memorize so many of them? You know there are 27 types of chords, right? If that statement made your interest in piano come to a screeching halt, hang in there: you don’t actually need to memorize all the piano chords that exist…. Read More

piano notes

Piano NOTES & Sounds (Music Theory 101 Part 2)

Piano notes: they’re probably the first thing you picture when you think about playing, right? But what are they? What’s the difference between piano notes and just any random sound? It’s a little complicated, but fortunately you don’t need to know too much music theory to understand piano notes and how to use them. And… Read More


What is Piano Music Theory? (Music Theory 101 Part 1)

What is music theory? Do you need to take years of music classes or get a degree to understand what is music theory? Do you have to be a master instrumentalist to apply music theory concepts to your playing? The answers are no, no, and no. Music theory is useful at any stage of learning… Read More


How to Play “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel on the Piano (From the Movie Frozen)

Remember back when the first Frozen movie came out and everyone had its musical numbers stuck in their head? If we’re being honest, some of us are still humming those tunes. My daughters may or may not still be huge Frozen fans. I might fit into that category too. 😉 It’s inescapable: I had to… Read More


Piano Chords For Beginners, Simplified (free one-page PDF for beginners)

If I told you that only one page of information – or one video – would be the last resource you ever need to learn piano chords for beginners… would you believe me? Let’s put that claim to the test today with my overview of simplified piano chords and a free PDF download that you… Read More


How to Play “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars (using the Piano In 21 Days 5 Steps)

Song tutorials are a dime a dozen these days, but not every “tutorial” really helps you learn. Maybe that’s why people keep making more and more of them. 🤔 When I teach a song, it’s never just to teach a song: I want my students to learn my 5-step song-learning process. That way they don’t… Read More

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