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How to Play “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel on the Piano (From the Movie Frozen)

Remember back when the first Frozen movie came out and everyone had its musical numbers stuck in their head? If we’re being honest, some of us are still humming those tunes. My daughters may or may not still be huge Frozen fans. I might fit into that category too. 😉 It’s inescapable: I had to… Read More


Piano Chords For Beginners, Simplified (free one-page PDF for beginners)

If I told you that only one page of information – or one video – would be the last resource you ever need to learn piano chords for beginners… would you believe me? Let’s put that claim to the test today with my overview of simplified piano chords and a free PDF download that you… Read More


How to Play “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars (using the Piano In 21 Days 5 Steps)

Song tutorials are a dime a dozen these days, but not every “tutorial” really helps you learn. Maybe that’s why people keep making more and more of them. 🤔 When I teach a song, it’s never just to teach a song: I want my students to learn my 5-step song-learning process. That way they don’t… Read More


The 4 Stages of Learning (This Will REALLY Help When You Practice Piano)

What does it take to learn piano? Well, what does it take to learn any new skill? Beyond the obvious practical things like getting the right equipment and finding a teacher or class, understanding how you learn is very important. And no, I’m not talking about your personal learning style, or what lessons are best… Read More


Play 5 Christmas Songs with 3 Chords (Beginner Piano Lesson)

Well folks, we are fast approaching Christmas again. Are you ready? No, I’m not asking if you’ve finished your shopping. 😉 I’m just curious if you will be playing any Christmas carols this winter! Don’t worry: adding a few of these seasonal tunes doesn’t have to take a huge effort on your part. (Especially if… Read More


5 Reasons to be THANKFUL for the Piano

With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the United States, I’ve got more than turkey on my mind. It’s traditional to take the time to be thankful for family, friends, good health, and so on… but you know what else I’ve been thinking about? Why I’m thankful for the piano. I can think of… Read More


Elegant & Simple Left Hand Technique – the Annie Rollover

Keeping things simple is what I’m all about when it comes to piano. (At least, as simple as possible.) But simple doesn’t have to mean dull and repetitive. Learning a new improv pattern or chord variation can really spice things up! Just the other day, I was playing a song using the “Annie Rollover,” a… Read More


How to Make ANY Song Spookier/Sadder (+Learn to Play the “Hitchcock Chord!”)

Are you a fan of scary movies? Of Halloween? Of spooky things in general? Well then, it’s time for you to incorporate that into your piano playing! From Cheerful to Spooky or Sad How can you take something that’s normally very cheerful and upbeat (like a basic major chord), and change the mood entirely? If… Read More


Meet Theresa Pitassi (Playing Piano is “Second Nature” in Just 6 Months)

I think everyone has their own kind of superpower. Whether it’s cooking up tasty meals for your loved ones, turning your yard into a bountiful garden, being a great listener and a loyal friend… everyone’s got something they excel at. A lot of people just assume that my superpower is playing piano. But that’s not… Read More

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