If you have been trying to play songs on the piano, you should know that such a timeless instrument doesn’t have to be limited to classical. There are numerous benefits of playing pop songs on the piano, and it doesn’t hurt that playing a pop song on piano is pleasant to the ears. When you play pop songs on the piano, you can keep your listeners intrigued as they hear songs they listen to everyday played in a different tune. So, if you are interested in playing pop songs, read on, because we have a list of the best pop songs to play on piano for you. We also offer easy songs to play on the piano in other genres.

 #1: Learning Chords Becomes Easier 

When you are a piano student, you need to learn all genres of music, and the primary thing that you need to learn when you are practicing the genres is the musical chord. When you’re practicing with pop songs you already know and love, learning the chords associated with them becomes much easier. You may also find it easier to practice chords on songs you hear every day, especially when you are learning music for the first time. 

#2: It’s Easy to Play 

Whether you are a newbie who is trying out the keyboards for the first time or a seasoned hobbyist, playing pop songs on piano the easiest way to familiarize yourself with the musical world of pianos. However, choosing the best pop songs to play on piano will be beneficial, giving you a musical advantage over more complex songs. 

For example, in the song ‘Stay with Me’ by Sam Smith, Smith repeated three chords with the same rhythm throughout the song. This repetition is a perfect way to learn the chords, practice those chords and play the song, without being confused by the keys or complexity of the melody. 

Best Pop Songs to Play on Piano 

Here’s our list of the top 10 best pop songs to play on piano, selected for beginner pianists. 

  1. Let it Be by Beatles 
  2. Clocks by Coldplay 
  3. Hey Jude by Beatles 
  4. Piano Man by Billy Joel 
  5. Skyfall by Adele 
  6. Someone like you by Adele 
  7. The Scientist by Coldplay 
  8. Get Lucky by Daft Punk 
  9. James Bond Theme 
  10. Simpson’s Theme 

If you find yourself confused about how to work with chords, it may be worthwhile to enroll in online piano lessons for adults. Once you understand how everything works together and you can identify chords and keys, you’ll be able to play any pop song you hear on the radio. 

Learning the chords and keys is the first step toward playing any musical instrument, whether it’s the piano, the guitar, or the harp. Once you learn those things, you’ll be ready to learn new and more complex things. With practice and time, you will hone your skills and become a great piano player. So, why wait? Get started today.   

Remember, learning to read musical notes is the first step towards playing any instrument. Once you learn that you can very easily play piano. With practice and time, you can also hone your skills, and become the perfect player all around. So, why are you waiting? It’s time to get started.