Success Stories

Thousands of students have learned to play piano with
Piano In 21 Days. Here are some of their success stories.

“Just a few weeks and I can’t believe where I am on the piano.”

David Gloyne England

“Other methods were just taking too long. I got through Jacques’ program in 3 months and now I can play!”

April Conaway Wyoming

“Now that I’ve gone through Piano In 21 Days, the piano is something I’ll always know how to do.”

Doran Drummond Louisiana

“I cannot say enough good things and I cannot recommend this course enough.”

Chrystal Dollarhide Oklahoma

“I wholly endorse the program. Jacques removes the mystery behind how to play the piano.”

Alison Wheeler England

“I’m a lot further than I thought I’d be in only 13 lessons.”

Andrew Manning New Zealand

“I didn’t want to learn the classical stuff or sheet music. I just wanted to be able to play my favorite songs. And this course has allowed me to do that.”

Kuba Proma Poland

“I’m baffled at how far I’ve come in just 14 days.”

Bob Wood Florida

“Now I can play all the Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Christina Grimmie songs that I want to.”

Natalie D’Amato Ohio

“After 21 Days I’m actually able to play my piano!“

Stephanie Goudie Scotland

“It’s the best method I’ve seen for someone who is looking for a fast and easy way to learn piano.”

DeLisa Brown California

IN DEPTH Look at Piano In 21 Days (Student 1 Year After Taking Piano In 21 Days)

David Gloyne England

“Now I know I can play any song I want to.”

Roger Kennedy Oregon