Written in collaboration with singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, the pop song “Love Yourself” is one of Justin Bieber’s all-time biggest hits. Although it’s performed on the guitar, it’s also one of the most popular tunes for piano players. If you want to learn how to play this song on the piano but you’ve never played before, you probably think that you’ll need years of study before you can even attempt it. You may be surprised to learn that that’s not really the case. In fact, there is a method that can teach you how to play a song like “Love Yourself” in as a little as 21 days. This method is geared toward adult learners who want to play for fun and learn to play piano fast, and it’s very different from the way children are usually taught.


How Are Adults Different From Children When It Comes To Learning Piano?


When children start taking piano lessons, they have years ahead of them to learn all the fine points of music theory and perfect their technique. They also have time that they can dedicate to daily practice. Children who discover a real passion for the piano have the opportunity to get very good at it and even play professionally if that’s their ambition. However, some children don’t discover a passion for drilling scales or playing complex classical music, and they drop out of their lessons early on. They may choose to come back to the piano as adults because they want to play for their own pleasure rather than for a teacher’s or parents’ approval.


When students decide to learn how to play the piano later in life, however, they have much less time to devote to it because their schedules are very busy with work or other responsibilities. So it’s not realistic for them to commit to traditional lessons on theory and technical drills. In general, adult piano students just want to play for fun, and they want to play songs that they enjoy. They’re not aiming to become concert pianists. With the right method, adults can quickly learn a few basics and start playing their favorite songs, like “Love Yourself,” right away.


What Are The Basics That A Piano Player Needs To Learn?


In order to play a song like “Love Yourself,” it’s necessary to know two things. First of all, you need to know the names of the keys on the keyboard. The white keys are named with the letters A through G, and the series repeats over and over. The black keys are the sharps and the flats. The black key that lies between C and D, for example, can be called either C-sharp or D-flat. It’s important to know the names of the notes and recognize their position on the keyboard in order to play a chord.


The second thing that beginners need to learn is how to play chords, which are combinations of notes played at the same time. Many piano players start out by playing simple tunes with one finger at a time. With the Piano in 21 Days program, students can learn to play whole chords right away by learning some simple rules. For example, any major chord can be played with the right hand by placing the thumb on the first note (the name of the chord), counting up four keys to the second note, and then counting up three more keys to the last note.


What Comes Next After The Basics?


When you find a song you want to learn, like “Love Yourself,” you just need to find out what the chords are and figure out how to play them according to a simple rule.  At first you can play the chords with a basic rhythm, like you would strum a guitar, and sing the melody. Later on, as you get more comfortable, you can start adding embellishments, like arpeggios or a right-hand melody, to fill out the song and make it sound good even when you’re not singing.


Why Is “Love Yourself” A Great Choice For Beginning Pianists?


“Love Yourself” is a great tune for a beginning piano player because it’s based on just a few simple chords. The chorus uses A minor, F, C and G, while the verses include a D minor. Because the song is very rhythmic and catchy, with few quick changes, it’s easy to remember and a lot of fun to play. If you know the song well, it will be easy for you to find the right rhythm and learn when to change from one chord to the next. Since the song is so popular and well-known, you’ll be a hit whenever you play it for others. In the video, you can hear that the song sounds like it was made for the piano.


Why Learn Piano As An Adult?


So many adults have the misconception that it’s too late for them to learn to play an instrument. While it’s true that concert pianists tend to start early in life, there’s no reason why anyone can’t learn to play piano for fun at any age. Playing an instrument is a good exercise for the brain, it leads to great social experiences, and it simply brings joy to anyone who loves music.


Why Learn Online?


Learning piano online is very different from taking a weekly class with an instructor. By taking an online course, you can work at your own pace. Some weeks, you may be able to put in a lot of practice and advance rapidly; other weeks, you may need to slow down or repeat older material. Online lessons are always available, so you can fit them into your schedule and learn when you have time and are in the right frame of mind. With the Piano in 21 Days program, you can learn to play “Love Yourself” and any other pop song you choose, so chances are, your motivation to go through the lessons will be high. When students are personally interested and invested in what they’re learning, they get the best results.

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