Enrolling in the right course that uses the right method for you is only one half of the work if you want to learn how to play songs on the piano in three weeks. There are other contributing factors you must take into account to learn to play the piano fast. Without them, no matter how expensive the course or whom you learn from, you still won’t know how to play the piano. What are the top three things you do to learn how to play the piano fast? Read on to find out!   

Don’t skip lessons.

The beauty of online lessons is that sites provide all the materials at once and you don’t have to wait for the next lesson, like learning the traditional way. The drawback of learning online is that sites provide all the materials at once and you don’t have to wait until the next lesson, like learning the traditional way. Don’t skip lessons. You might think particular lessons easy or unnecessary, or you have learned some of the topics before and figure that skipping will help you to learn to play faster.  

However, be careful. You could miss essential concepts needed to build the foundation of knowledge. So before turning to the next page, don’t forget to take some time skimming through the material! 

Spend time to practice.

No matter how busy you are, it’s crucial to make practicing piano a part of your tight schedule. You can’t progress without a decent amount practice time for learning piano. Even the famous pianist Lang Lang said, “When learning an instrument, 90% is practice, and 10% is talent”. 

Practicing enough is not enough to learn how to play piano; you also need to do it consistently. Practicing many hours one day does not make up for missed practice on other days. Your brain needs daily revision to memorize all you’re learning, so even if you just have 15 minutes a day for seven days a week to practice, it’s still more effective than four hours on one day.   

However, practice your lessons smart and not mindlessly. That does nothing but waste your time, make you less confident, and turn piano practice into a tedious chore. Doing some quick Google searches, you will find many hacks that help you practice efficiently while still having a good time.  

Always have a positive attitude.

By having a positive attitude, you will overcome many difficulties in learning. Sometimes, you might find it challenging to remember everything or play a piece without mistake. If you aren’t an optimistic person, it’s likely to tempt you to give up the next day.  

The fact is, every beginner experiences the same difficulties. Some overcome them by knowing that they are getting better day by day and, therefore, keep on practicing.  

It’s only possible to learn to play piano fast if you choose the right method and: 

You can do all three things above. So, stop waiting and let’s learn piano! Check this out.

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