Songs are a part of piano practice sessions. When you take traditional piano lessons, as a beginner, you will likely meet two types of song: children songs, like Mary Had a Little Lamb or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and classical pieces from prolific composers like Mozart, Bach, Chopin.

Have you ever wanted to change that?

Instead of walking down the traditional path with these songs, why not take a chance and learn modern piano lessons, which allows you to choose any song from any genre you want to practice? Here are two reasons why you should consider switching from classic and children songs to modern songs.

Why should you learn to play modern songs?

  1. The inspiration motivates you to practice.

There is no hate between you and children songs or classical stuff, sure, but think about it, are you willing to practice them for a week, or even a month at a time? It can take a few months to years before being able to move on to pieces you enjoy. There is chance you might find practice like daily chores, and that’s not okay. Learning piano should be fun, not boring or tiring.

The fact is, people are inspired and work more productive when doing what they love (or there are parts of the job related to what they are interested in). Skip children songs and classics to learn modern piano songs allows you to find inspiration in practicing music and achieve your goal faster – admit it, one of your reasons to start learning piano is because you want to play your favorite songs right?

  1. Not everyone enjoyschildren songs or classics.

Children songs, apparently, are for children and some people find classics difficult to listen to. Learning piano online is a great way to entertain your family and friends, so unless your “audiences” are kids or people who love classics, it is unlikely that you will be asked to play those pieces. 

Modern songs, on the other hand, are more welcomed and easy to enjoy since heard every day. In addition, you can play them in almost any recital and get people to sing along, while it might be a little bit awkward (for adults) to chant little ditties, and apparently there is no way to sing along to classics.

How do you learn modern piano songs?

Learning easy pop songs on piano can be impossible if you choose to go the route of traditional lessons – finding a teacher with resources that appeal to your tastes is no simple task. You can turn to library books or YouTube videos as alternatives, but:

– Recognizing and memorizing piano notes is exhausting. You can write them down on a sheet, but you will still have a hard time learning where to put your fingers.

– Clicking and trying to memorize how other people play is inefficient. You can replay the video a hundred times and still not know how to play the song correctly.

Think twice before choosing – don’t waste your time and effort with a method that won’t work well for you. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!