The idea of learning piano can be fun at first, but after playing the instrument every day, many found that there is only frustration left. The fact is, practice is challenging and sometimes laborious. You have to learn hard skills, break down complicated passages, and repeat so that you don’t forget everything. Let’s not forget to mention the annoyance of messing up a piece you have practiced a hundred times.  

That’s when your brain says, “Hey, let’s skip one day!” That one day, however, can turn into forever fast, because giving up is easy. Lack of interest in practicing is named as the significant reason for a large dropout rate of piano students, some as high as 80-93% within 3 years. 

You don’t have to fall into that category. There are ways to make piano practice fun, and below are some of the most worth trying ones:  

Set goals based on what you like

The truth is you will find interest in doing something just because a) the activity is related to what you like, and b) you are “burdened with glorious purpose” (like Loki). For example, if you are a fan of Adele, and in love with her makeover of “Make You Feel My Love” so much that you want to play it in your wedding – obviously practice now is no longer a chore.  

This way makes piano practice fun because you are practicing piano for you and you alone – no more playing the same old Mozart and Bach stuff or wondering why am I doing this.  

Keep the lessons short

Our brain can only work well for 52 minutes before becoming less productive. It’s important to ensure that your brain is in the best condition and can focus 100% on the task to make piano practice fun. Otherwise, you would feel fatigue and start to think that playing the piano is more like dealing with hell. So next time, after practicing for about an hour, don’t forget to take a break! 

Since it’s a relatively short amount of time, it’s important to set achievable goals, such as get comfortable with a few lines of a piece or two (instead of conquering an entire piece).   

Add something new to your daily routine 

Just pressing down the keyboard is boring, but you can always make piano practice fun by: 

Applying creative games: It may sound childish but, hey, games are fun! My favorite one is rolling the dice to decide how many times should I practice a piece. There are many piano practice game ideas can be found just by doing a quick Google search, or you just can come up with whatever you like.  

Use your imagination!  

With these 3 mentioned tips to make piano practice fun, you should start to look forward to sitting down at the piano to play music you love right away. Are you ready to sit down and have some fun?

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