Piano lessons often have a negative connotation. People remember years past where children spent hours every week practicing drills and learning to play classical music they really weren’t interested in. Today’s lessons, done online, are completely different. Music theory isn’t emphasized as much, doing basic drills over and over and over isn’t necessary, and it’s possible to learn modern, fun songs instead of just focusing on learning classical songs. 


Learning to Play the Piano is Easy

As mentioned, learning to play the piano online is incredibly different from how people learned to play in the past. There’s no driving to go to a class or waiting for a teacher to arrive, no learning tons of music theory, and no being required to play classical songs that aren’t as fun or enjoyable as the songs out today. 


Instead, anyone can learn how to play the piano online, from the comfort of their own home. It’s easy to get started and the student will start learning how to play modern songs right away. Instead of learning to play classical songs, they’ll be learning to play the songs they hear on the radio when they’re driving to work in the morning. 


All it requires is for the potential pianist to have a piano they can use and a way to access the online piano lessons. From there, the lessons will teach them everything they need to know, no matter if they’ve never touched a piano before.  


Learning to Play Benefits People of Any Ages

Learning to play the piano has been proven to provide a number of benefits for children for many years, which is why so many parents enrolled their children in lessons year after year even if the child didn’t really enjoy the lessons. New studies are showing that these benefits can be gained by anyone who takes the time to learn how to play, from younger children to senior citizens. 


Benefits also impact the person’s entire life. It doesn’t just help in one area, but in just about everything from their brain function to their confidence and their mood. Learning to play the piano lets the student start to see a number of benefits quickly and see more of them as they continue to learn and progress. 


Why Online Lessons are Needed to Gain Benefits

Learning to play the piano, no matter the method, provides the benefits mentioned above. However, if it takes the person a long time to learn how to play or they aren’t enjoying the lessons, they might not receive all of the benefits of learning to play and it can take them longer to see the changes. 


If the student takes the online piano lessons, they can start to see the benefits quickly. They’ll start to see their confidence increase because they’re learning to play songs they enjoy right away. They’ll see an increase in brain function with how they perform outside of lessons because they practice often. They’ll also see an increase in their mood quickly because they’re enjoying the lessons. 


The main point to remember is the lessons themselves aren’t going to provide the full benefits. The student needs to not only follow along with the lessons, but practice often to start to see changes in themselves. They’ll want to practice as often as possible and may want to practice every day so they learn how to play better faster and start receiving the benefits of the piano lessons much faster.  


Learning to Play Increases Confidence

A huge benefit is that learning to play often boosts the player’s confidence. They’ll feel more confident when they’re able to sit at a piano and play music people love to listen to. They’ll also feel more confident because they can see how much they’re learning in a short amount of time if they practice often. They’ll feel proud of themselves as they reach every milestone and with every new song they learn to play. 


Learning to Play the Piano Boost Brain Functions

Studies carried out recently show that playing the piano can help boost the player’s IQ by up to 7 points, regardless of their age. It helps boost their memory and their ability to think creatively. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination, math skills, comprehension, and other skills necessary in all parts of their life. Learning how to play the piano benefits many brain functions and can help the person learning to play be smarter overall.  


Learning to Play Makes People Happier

Simply listening to a song can help a person feel better. Playing the song has a much more profound impact on their mood. Those who learn how to play the piano often are happier because they have an outlet for their emotions and the ability to create beautiful music that’s going to help them feel better. A budding pianist can start to see an improvement in their overall mood as soon as they start to take lessons. They can start to see the impact on their mood the first time they play a song they love on the piano. The student can see more permanent changes as they continue to learn how to play better. 


Start Learning to Play Today for These Benefits and More

You can start learning to play the piano today. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you already play other instruments, or whether you had a bad experience with a teacher in the past. You can learn how to play the piano and you can start learning how to play songs you like right away. 


All it takes is trying out the online piano lessons that are available. You can sign up easily, get advice on how to choose the right piano if you don’t have one already, and start playing the piano in no time. Learning to play the piano really should be on your list of things-to-do, so go ahead and check out the lessons now to start getting all of the above benefits and more. 

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