Studies show learning a musical instrument is of great benefit to children and adults alike. Physical skills are developed when a person learns to play an instrument, and a person can learn a great deal about the world around them and other cultures by learning to play popular songs. Furthermore, when someone picks up a musical instrument and plays a song with it, they find their self-esteem builds. They have learned a new skill they can share with others and bring pleasure to all. This is of great importance. Many people want to learn the piano. Why is this the case? What makes this instrument so popular for so many people? 


How Are Piano Lessons Helpful?

Individuals who learn to play the piano use their right and left hand to complete different actions at the same time. This helps the individual become more ambidextrous and allows him or her to become comfortable while in positions that aren’t natural to the human body. Furthermore, coordination improves, and the person gains better timing when learning to play the piano.  

The piano is excellent for allowing people to try different styles of music, including jazz and classical. This instrument can be played alone or a person can join in with others to play a song. As the piano is a polyphonic instrument, it handles harmonies with ease, something not seen with most instruments today.  


Piano lessons that focus on results, as opposed to learning the why behind the music, helps a person progress quickly. People often assume that when something comes easy they aren’t doing it right, but this isn’t the case. New methods of teaching piano are designed to make the process easy, so a person can be playing in a short period of time. This encourages him or her to continue to hone their craft and improve.  


Why Piano Over Other Instruments?

People often sing along when this instrument is played, but the same cannot be said of other instruments, such as the trumpet or flute. This makes it a great choice for those who wish to socialize with others and enjoy entertaining. Songs played on the piano tend to bring people together, which is a good thing in today’s society where many people spend more time on electronic devices than they do interacting with others.  

One reason many people choose the piano as their first musical instrument is because the notes are in a linear order. For some individuals, this makes it easier to understand chord theory or scales. However, with the new methods, this becomes less of an issue. A person can learn the piano simply because they love the way it sounds, and they discover they have more music to choose from with this instrument than many others. There is no need to have this background information to be able to play a song, as the teaching methods are completely different. The method makes learning the piano easy for anyone.  


How Online Piano Lessons Work

There is no one set pattern for online lessons. Some methods focus on teaching a person to play a song by ear. Others emphasize music theory in the early stages of the process, believing this is the best way for a person to learn piano. These aren’t the only methods available today, however.  


A beginning student will find they can learn to play the piano in a matter of weeks with the help of online piano lessons like Piano In 21 Days. There is no need to take part in basic piano lessons, which is a problem for many individuals who already have a busy schedule. They simply don’t have the time to drill every day or learn copious amounts of theory before playing a song they love.  


With these lessons, the focus is on teaching a person the things they must know to play the music they love. If there is no theory involved, this takes less time. Although a person wishing to pursue a career as a concert pianist needs this information, the average individual does not. They simply want to learn to play piano as a hobby they can engage in that they enjoy. They may also do so to entertain those around them with no goal of becoming a professional in this field.  


Thanks to these lessons, a person can easily achieve this goal. Furthermore, he or she learns skills that can easily be used in other areas of life. This part is often overlooked when a person is questioning whether they have the time and patience to learn to play piano. They believe they are simply doing it for their own enjoyment, never considering the fact that it will benefit them in several areas of life. This alone makes learning the piano a worthwhile activity for anyone.  


When a person takes part in traditional piano lessons, he or she must be disciplined and patient. The process takes time, but sadly many people are lacking in this basic necessity. They give up before they ever learn to play a song they love or become discouraged because they aren’t able to master their favorite songs.  


With the introduction of new methods, people find they can be playing popular music in a matter of weeks. There is no need to spend years learning music theory or mastering basic notes before a person gets to this stage. A person learns certain chords so they can play songs they love in a very short period of time. Once this has been mastered, the individual can move on to learn more chords and play a wider range of music.  


There is no need to learn to play by ear, study music theory, or spend countless hours playing songs from the past. The new methods bypass all of these so anyone can play piano in a short period of time. If you dream of playing the piano and entertaining yourself and your loved ones, now is the time to do so. You can learn this instrument in weeks and have fun while doing so. You’ll be amazed at how far you can come in a short period of time.


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