If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering: What is Piano In 21 Days? A piano course? An app? A scam?

And you also might be thinking something like this:

“Come on Jacques, really? Learning piano takes way longer than Piano In 21 Days.”

I know, I know, I’m bringing these questions upon myself by naming my site and my business “Piano In 21 Days.” It’s a little unusual. The perception that most people have of piano learning is not simple, fast, or fun. Quite the opposite in fact! And that’s a shame.

Doesn’t It Take a Long Time to Learn Piano?

Historically, of course it has taken most people a lot longer than 21 days to learn to play piano. Years, maybe even a lifetime. That’s because the learning process usually involves:

  • A lot of music theory
  • Hours of piano drills
  • So many boring practice sessions

You know what there is NOT a lot of in beginner piano lessons? Playing actual songs. That’s right, playing songs is not a big part of traditional piano lessons. And once your teacher does give you songs to work on, they’re usually kid’s tunes or old, classical music. 

My Own Experience

So yes, the traditional approach to piano does take a lot of time to learn. And it’s honestly not much fun, either! I should know: I had to take 12 years of lessons that way. The word “fun” was definitely not how I would have described those lessons as a kid. Plus I didn’t even learn enough to feel confident playing songs I actually liked!

That’s why I am so proud of what Piano In 21 Days is and how I get to help people from all over the world have a more positive, enjoyable experience learning piano. And it doesn’t hurt that they learn much faster this way. 😉

What is Piano In 21 Days?

So what is Piano In 21 Days, anyway? Simply put, it’s my way of teaching you how to :

  • Play songs you love
  • Having fun making music
  • Being able to share music with friends and family
  • Gain confidence and develop a skill that you can enjoy for a lifetime

Piano In 21 Days Is…

Piano In 21 Days is Ken Richard. At 61 years old, Ken couldn’t even identify the notes on his piano. But now he’s released his first piano album. What a transformation! Ken’s composing, playing, and recording, and he’s having a blast

And Piano In 21 Days is Devina, an Australian singer and songwriter, with an amazing voice and a passion for music. She always wanted to accompany herself on her keyboard; she just thought she wasn’t talented enough. But nowadays she’s playing and singing, proving those doubts very wrong!

Piano In 21 Days is…

  •  David Gloyne, a retiree in the UK who loves playing Shania Twain songs
  • Marley Jax, an entrepreneur with piano on her lifelong bucket list and too much quarantine time on her hands
  • April, a daughter processing the loss of her father through music
  • Peter, who’s been accompanying his daughter as she sings inspiring songs

It’s Theresa and Enrico, Levarus and Karen. It’s Kuba, Doran, Tracy, Tony-Lee, and so many others. The people who are learning and enjoying Piano In 21 Days is what this is really all about.

Not Just Hype

So it’s not just hype, it’s not just a course or an app or regular ol’ piano lessons. And definitely not a scam!

Piano In 21 Days is real people with real results, enjoying this awesome hobby for the rest of their lives. It is thousands of people from all over the world, who can proudly say:

“I’m kind of a player.”

What About You?

If you want to become one of the many happy students that are the heart and soul of Piano In 21 Days, it’s easy to get started. Check out my free 5-day workbook here. You owe yourself the chance to enjoy your piano or keyboard like never before.