Admit it. We have all been fascinated with the piano as a musical instrument at least once in our life. Additionally, if you were lucky enough to touch a keyboard and try out some odd notes, it might have made you think, “I want to learn the piano someday.”  

Now that you have grown up, it might be increasingly tougher to learn piano and finding piano songs to learn because of your schedule. However, it is never too late to learn how to play the piano. Why? Because with just 45 minutes of practice, six days a week, and a little luck, you could even play the most complicated notes of JS Bach in Prelude 1. So, should you learn the piano only because it’s a hobby to pass the time? No! Learning to play the piano has some amazing effects and can improve your daily life, too! So, let’s see the benefits of playing the piano. 

Good for Our Brains! 

In addition to increasing your hand-to-brain coordination, playing piano also helps your brain in other positive ways. According to research from the University of Texas, “mentally-challenging leisure activities” can rewire the grey matter in the human brain, making sure that they perform to a more “youth – like” state, according to BBC. You might not be able to play Chopin etudes on the first day, but, over time, you’d be able to enhance your skills and learn the game. So, the next time you think, “I want to learn the piano,” … you better get started on that.  

Helps You Learn Discipline & Patience 

Do you have a hard time concentrating or following through with your plans? Well, then you need to learn the piano because it will help you learn discipline. Without regular practice, you won’t be able to master the piano. You also need patience. In short, learning to play the piano is delayed gratification, and this teaches discipline and patience. 

Boosts Self Esteem 

If you have ever thought along the lines, “I will learn the piano,” you have a chance at increasing your self-esteem, but only if you follow through on your plan. Why? This is because learning a new skill always helps, and when you have learned to play a fine musical instrument like the piano, you can boost your confidence, and achieve the other things around. Also, when you learn the piano, you mix with people. This increases your social skills and makes you more confident about yourself and your abilities. You might also get exposed to different cultures, and that gives you a chance to learn something new. 

So, now that you know about these amazing benefits of learning to play the piano, it is time to believe in yourself and get started. If you can take out 45 minutes out of your daily lifestyle to practice, you’d master the piano in no time. Make sure that you check out some online courses on playing the piano to make the transition even faster, especially if you don’t have an offline teacher. Have fun! 

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