Below is a list of familiar pop songs in their piano covers. Each song offers the beginner a chance to practice the piano chords and various piano skills that they have learned. All the songs below are reasonably popular songs that should be easy to recognize once you get the hang of playing them. 

The tempos of some songs may seem harder to play. You can always go slow to get the hang of playing the songs or sections with which you may struggle. If you feel unsure of how to play the song, there are plenty of online tutorials both through the various piano programs and actual people teaching the piano keystrokes.  

 1.) Counting Stars by One Republic 
The tempo of the original song may seem slightly hard, but the chords are uncomplicated and repetitive. 

 2.) Radioactive by Imagine Dragons 

This song may seem hard at first due to the tempo, and there is more movement with both hands to play each note. This tune offers fun repetitive chords that are easy to sing along too.  

 3.) Hello by Adele 

An easy tune to play for beginners. The tempo is already fairly slow and has repetitive piano chords throughout the song.  

 4.) Clocks by Coldplay 

This a cool song to play on the piano because it sounds great when played slowly and at regular tempo. The notes are repetitive which is another plus to this great song.  

 5.) Faded by Alan Walker 

Another excellent song for beginners because the tempo is already slow. The notes are simple and repetitive along with the chords.  

 6.) Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia 

A cool song to play on the piano when you want more of a challenge with chords and tempo. This catchy tune is predominantly piano chords.  

 7.) See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth 

The beautiful song from Fast and the Furious Seven movie. You too can play this fantastic tune since it has a slightly slower tempo and the notes are also relatively repetitive throughout the song. This cool song makes for another way to challenge your piano chord knowledge 

Seven easy popular songs to play on piano for adult beginners 

For the older adult beginners, here is a list of a few favorite songs to play on the piano that you may recognize. Each song offers a different way to apply the various chords in an easy to play manner. Some songs are more rock and roll based while others still have that pop genre feel.  

 1.) What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong 

This wonderfully calming jazz tune is easy to play and great for practicing piano chords.  

 2.) Stand by Me by Ben E. King 

A beautiful tune that is also very easy to play.  

 3.) Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan 

A cool song to play on the piano and has a very easy to play tempo. The notes are simple and repetitive which is excellent for beginners needing the get the hang of the basics.  

 4.) Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin 

A lovely tune that is reasonably easy to learn and play. 

 5.) Imagine by John Lennon 

This great tune offers a steady tempo and repetitive chord practice.  

 6.) Let It Be by The Beatles 

A great song to play that has a reasonable tempo and significant usage of piano chords. 

 7.) Hotel California by The Eagles
If you want a real challenge for when you get bored of slow tempos or overly repetitive tunes, this song may be for you. It is a slightly hard song to play, but it is a great way to practice the piano because of the wide range of notes used within the song. A great piece of music for any long-term piano goal you may have.