How to play easy songs on the piano that everyone will enjoy during the holiday season

It is getting to be that time of year again where every classic holiday tune is played on repeat, and the carolers are singing all around the neighborhood. Why not join in on the Christmas cheer too! There are a few great holiday pop songs that will be sure to liven up the broken record that has become Christmas music.

Why not try some of these tunes for your Christmas playlist: 


1.) “Every Day Is A Holiday” – Katy Perry: A 2015 Christmas tune from the H&M Christmas commercial, it has an upbeat tune and is played at a fairly fast pace. It is, however, still great for beginners. It demonstrates you how to use chords and use both hands to play.  


2.) “Underneath The Tree” – Kelly Clarkson: This is another great song for beginners who want to practice with chords without having to move their hands too much throughout the song.  


3.) “Last Christmas” – Wham!: An easy to play tune with simple chords, this is one of the slower songs to play in this list.  


4.) “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey: This well-known pop song has played for many Christmases since the 90s. It has a faster tempo but can be slowed down for beginners and still be easily recognizable.  


5.) “Santa’s Coming For Us” – SiaA new Christmas tune for the 2017 holiday season, it uses chords predominantly throughout the song. It has a mix of both slow and fast speeds throughout the tune.

Each of these modern pop song piano covers offers you a challenge from the different piano chords and chord inversions used and it will give you a break from the classic “Jingle Bells” tune. Some of these holiday songs have a faster tempo, while others are slower.

Each song has a tutorial that shows you how to play the individual piano keys, at what speed, which piano chords to play, and in which note combinations. 


Best ways to learn how to play easy songs on the piano

1.) Use online piano lessons that focus on utilizing pop music as a way to teach technical piano skills. Try these out.
Online piano lessons will teach you how to play easy songs on the piano or other methods if using pop music doesn’t fit your learning style.

2.) Choose a small list of songs and practicing them as often as possible through tutorials.
A small list of songs you want to play can benefit you in many ways. You will have more positive incentive to keep practicing the piano.

3.) Use online resources like to give you visual hand placements for the chords, and other piano skills, to practice them on the piano. Sometimes piano tutorials don’t show the actual placement of hands which can lead to confusion.  


Final thoughts

No matter which tune you choose, you are bound to impress when you learn how to play easy songs on the piano. The holidays are the most wonderful times of the year, so why not play a piano song to add to the cheer! Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!