The gift that keeps on giving: online piano course subscriptions

What better gift to give than online piano courses! One of the best ways to learn how to play piano or revisit old piano skills is using an online piano course. The best part is you can share the joy of what you’ve learned through online piano courses with your family and friends for all sorts of celebrations.

Best online piano courses to try

1.) Online piano coursethat offer different methods of teaching without needing to learn music theory 

How they help you learn to play piano online: Music theory can be very confusing for adult beginners or those who have never been taught how to read music at all. Using other methods, such as teaching beginning pianists how to learn to play the piano through the use of pop music and other styles, is a great way to start.  

Pop music and pop music piano covers are a great method for learning the piano because you use music you recognize while learning the technical aspects of piano skills. Using pop music to teach technical piano skills also helps keep you interested in the learning process. Songs can be used as short-term piano goals.  

2.) and online piano courses that use as their platform 

How they help you learn to play piano online: Many online piano lessons use to provide free access to their online piano courses. You can use YouTube videos to find your favorite piano cover as well. has many videos that can help you learn piano skills by showing you how to do each skill rather than making you read and replicate what you read on the piano. 

3.) Online piano courses that use other techniques to teach the piano 

How they help you learn to play piano online: There are methods used to teach the technical piano skills other than using modern music. You also have other genres of music such as rock, jazz, symphonic, and other piano covers that can be used to teach piano if pop music isn’t your favorite genre. There are different styles to which a pop song can be played on the piano.  

4.) Online piano course that teach using traditional piano lessons through blogs and digital platforms 

How they help you learn to play piano online: Some online piano lesson websites offer traditional piano courses through a digital platform like Skype. This is a good method for people who still need proper instruction and prefer one-on-one time with a teacher to learning on their own.  


Benefits of learning to play piano online 

There are numerous benefits to learning to play piano online. Some benefits are health related when it comes to learning piano in general and other benefits are related to the piano lessons themselves.  

For instance, learning the piano as an adult can help teach you proper posture, which can help relieve back pain to a degree. Another health benefit is you exercise your brain thus lessening your chances of developing Alzheimers.  

Online piano lessons benefit by not needing an actual piano instructor to learn the piano and by never needing to leave your home to get the piano lessons you want. This, in turn, saves you time, money, and energy, all of which are precious commodities for adults.  

Final thoughts 

No matter which piano lessons you choose to gift to your favorite pianist, you can never go wrong with online piano lessons. The best part is many online piano lessons are fairly inexpensive and give beginners a foot in the door when exploring their interest in the piano. You won’t need to worry about fully investing in traditional lessons either unless they choose to pursue piano professionally. 

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