Whether someone has grown up in a musical family or they’re learning to play the piano as an adult, there are tremendous benefits to online piano lessons. With a 21-day online course, beginners can become piano players by learning the individual components of popular songs—and then putting those parts together. It’s never too late to learn the piano, as the benefits apply to players of all ages. Read on to learn a few of these advantages. 


Prevention of Hearing and Memory Loss

A person’s auditory processing ability typically diminishes as they age. However, those who learned how to play the piano, and continued to play for life, may be able to stop or reverse the loss of memory and hearing. This online program is an easy, fun way for seniors to stay engaged and stay sharp. 


Improvements in Math Aptitude

According to a study done at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Human Development, specialized musical training at a gradually increased difficulty can boost a person’s math skills substantially above those of peers with no musical training. An online piano course may be an interesting side project for someone in a math- or science-related profession. 


Sharpening Language Skills

An early-1990s study pointed out what’s now called the “Mozart effect” which showed spatial intelligence and language development could be increased with piano lessons. Furthermore, another study shows that solo pianists have increased activity in the parts of the brain that deal with linguistics, conversation, and grammar. Therefore, a person who learns to play piano with this easy online method may find it easier to learn a second language. 


Improved Reading Comprehension

A study from the Educational Psychology journal established a link between reading performance and the ability to detect different musical pitches, which is a core ability one acquires when they learn to play piano. When a player memorizes music before a performance, they exercise their reading comprehension skills and the part of the brain that handles recall. 


Increased Creativity

A recent study done on jazz pianists yielded some surprising results. Participants were monitored while playing, and it was found that the parts of the brain responsible for stereotypical or default responses were switched off. With this 21-day program, players will increase their improvisational abilities and create their own unique style and sound by learning songs they already love. Check this out.


Effective Organization and Time Management

As with all hobbies and responsibilities, playing the piano requires one to make room in their daily routine. This course, while it allows players to progress at their own pace, does require some scheduling, and it effectively challenges the player’s ability to manage their time. For adults, learning to play the piano while juggling their work, home responsibilities, and hobbies is a good way to sharpen these skills. 


Increasing Patience, Discipline, and Concentration

The act of playing music activates multiple areas of the human brain. In fact, science shows that the discipline is like a full-body exercise program for the brain. When a person strengthens their ability to focus, concentrate, and apply what they’ve learned, they can exercise their brains in other areas. By learning to play the piano with this 21-day online program, players can gain increased discipline, concentration, and patience in other parts of their lives. 


Strengthening Hand Muscles and Building Hand-Eye Coordination

While most know that playing the piano requires a great deal of coordination, a recent study shows that players may increase their finger speeds through cortical mapping. For an adult with diminished motor skills, this program can strengthen coordination and help the brain form new connections as far as motor movement is concerned. 


Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

In a recent study, those who took piano lessons for at least three years tested higher on self-esteem metrics than those who didn’t take lessons. This program allows adults to experience the excitement of mastering a favorite song, and it provides them with a confidence boost as well. 


Expanding One’s Cultural Base

Despite past assumptions, musical preference isn’t hardwired into a person’s brain; rather, it’s strictly cultural. Learning to play the piano online is a great way to expand one’s knowledge of different sounds, musical styles, and cultures. 


Less Anxiety and Stress

A 2013 piece from the National Library of Medicine shows that piano lessons can reduce stress and treat depression in seniors. While the study demographic was older adults, such findings are encouraging for younger adults as well. Everyone knows that music is good for the soul, and this 21-day online program is a real stress-reliever. 


A Chance to Unplug

Limiting one’s use of electronics is a good idea for many reasons. Excessive electronic use has been linked to brain atrophy, diminished cognitive function, and decreased dopamine function. With online lessons from Piano in 21 Days, adults can move away from the screen in favor of unplugged entertainment. 


Tactile and Kinesthetic Learning 

A research team in Barcelona, Spain evaluated the effects of different kinesthetic leisure activities and learning environments. In the study, those who chose piano lessons over sports or other art forms showed increased psychological and neurological improvement. 


Changes in Mental Acuity and Brain Structure

Some people consider themselves to be either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at music. After all, everyone has heard someone say that they have no musical ability at all. While some people’s brains are better suited to musical learning, everyone can benefit from online piano lessons. With this course, a person can change the way they process information and learn new skills. 


It’s been said that music is a universal language, and it’s also been said that everyone is born with some degree of musical aptitude. However, many people lose that aptitude with time, unless they continue to develop their skills. With Piano in 21 Days, adults can learn how to put together the various parts of popular songs, to create a melodic, cohesive whole. When a person increases their musical ability, they can see benefits in many other areas of their lives as well. Visit the website today to learn more or to sign up. 


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