If you were to make a list of FAQs for piano teachers, “What are the benefits of following a piano curriculum?” and “Why should I invest money and time in something that won’t get me ahead at work?” would be at (or near) the top of the list. While leadership and other qualities are important, the impact of music is much less obvious. When you take online piano lessons, you’ll build soft skills that will help you make a difference in your work and home lives. In this guide, you’ll learn several advantages of online piano learning. 


Becoming a Musician Will Improve Your Health

Mounting research shows that music lowers blood pressure while cutting anxiety and stress. It may even boost immune response, making you less likely to become ill. Perhaps most importantly, we can enjoy the piano no matter how old we get, and the activity will keep our minds sharp. That’s particularly important in protecting yourself from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases. 


Playing Piano Makes You Smarter

Many studies demonstrate that music can enhance intelligence when it’s picked up at an early age. But, what if you’re an adult? As it turns out, learning to play piano when you’re older can do much for your mental acuity. In a research study done at the University of South Florida, those 60-85 received piano lessons. A half-year later, study participants showed improved verbal fluency, memory, info processing skills, and cognitive function. 


Piano Playing Improves Your Social Skills

When you take piano lessons, you become able to create something that others will enjoy. For instance, if you play in public, you may make new friends. If you play as part of a musical group, you and the other musicians will share a sense of camaraderie and fellowship, and you’ll make something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. There’s nothing more fun than a jam session with other players, and the bonds you’ll form are priceless. 


Pianists Have More Confidence 

Have you ever thought of how a professional musician can just walk onto a stage and perform in front of an audience? It takes a great deal of self-confidence to do it, no matter how skilled the player may be. When you learn piano online, you get the chance to put yourself in a similar situation and get through it. The audience doesn’t have to be big; you could perform for just one or two people. However, when you finish a performance, you’ll feel much better about your abilities and yourself. 


You’ll Develop Patience and Discipline

As the saying goes, the best things in life come to those who wait. Becoming a piano player isn’t an exception, and to do it, you’ll need perseverance and commitment. When you stick with our program and see the rewards of playing the piano, you can regard the entire experience as a lesson on the importance of discipline and patience. 


Music Fosters Creativity

When you learn to play your favorite songs with Piano in 21 Days, you’ll learn to look beyond what you’re currently experiencing and express yourself in new ways. Music is about understanding fundamental concepts and expressing yourself using sound as a medium. Once you learn how to play, you can improvise solos, write songs, and become more creative overall. It’s no surprise, then, that many of history’s most successful people have taken music lessons at some point. 


Music Helps You Form New Connections

As they say, music is a universal language. Think of how people can appreciate musical compositions in languages they barely understand or don’t speak. It’s surprising how music, especially piano songs, can bring you closer to people from all cultural backgrounds. If you ever need something to talk about, ask about their favorite song, and you’ve got the start of a memorable conversation. 


You’ll Become a Better Team Member

In many cases, musicians play as part of a group. And, when they do, it’s important to pick up on bandmates’ body language and facial expressions. Only then will you be able to decide how you’ll play the piano part of the song. The ability to listen to others and find a workable solution makes you a great team member, and it’s easily transferable to other areas of your personal and professional life. 


Music is a Wonderful Stress Reliever

Today’s adults have very busy lives, and it’s easy to get caught up in moving from one task to the next. While many turn to medications for help, playing the piano is a natural stress reliever. Practicing your favorite songs will take your mind off your daily worries, it doesn’t have any harmful health effects, it lets you get rid of your frustrations, it’s free, and you’ll probably gain a new circle of friends. 


Learning to Play Piano is Fun!

Last, but certainly not least, playing piano is loads of fun. While practicing can seem repetitive at times, it takes effort to learn new things. There’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes with learning a new song, and when you play those songs for others, it’s a wonderful confidence-booster. Finally, when you play as part of an ensemble, you’ll experience an even higher level of enjoyment. 


Get Started on Your Piano-Playing Adventure Today

As shown here, there are many reasons to take up piano, even as an adult. While it’s true that children are often better able to absorb new concepts and form new neural connections, with our method, anyone can learn how to play piano in just a few weeks. The benefits of piano playing are numerous, and they go beyond simply making music. Learning to play piano is a great deal of fun, and you’ll form healthy habits and lifelong connections with other like-minded people. Unlike other methods, Piano in 21 Days doesn’t require you to learn to read sheet music, you won’t have to play by ear, and you won’t have to memorize music theory. We invite you to download our free guide or sign up for the comprehensive course today. 

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