Playing the piano, to many people, looks like an amazing feat that’s incredibly difficult to do. With the way lessons have been taught in the past, it did take many years for someone to be proficient enough at playing to play in front of people and to play well. Nowadays, online lessons can replace traditional lessons and enable the student to learn to play faster. So why is it a good idea to take online piano lessons?


Why Take Piano Lessons at All?

Playing the piano, plainly put, is impressive. It takes quite a bit of hand-eye coordination, which can be learned even if the student doesn’t have very good hand-eye coordination in the beginning and provides a number of benefits both during the lessons and throughout the pianist’s life. Studies have shown playing the piano can help boost brain functions, help a person build new skills they can use throughout their life, help them be more confident, and help boost their mood.  


The benefits gained from learning to play the piano are not instant, but they’ll see an improvement almost immediately. They’ll start to improve a little bit when they learn piano for less time and, as they continue with their lessons, will see more and more benefits of learning to play. Some, like an increased memory, are subtle, while others, such as a boost in their mood, can be more powerful and easier to judge as they continue learning to play the piano. 


Anyone who learns to play the piano can gain these benefits as well. Studies have recently shown that the benefits aren’t limited to children who learn to play the piano while they’re young. Anyone, from the youngest children learning to play to the oldest person who wants to try something new, can get the benefits learning to play the piano provides.  


Online Lessons Provide a Faster Way to Learn 

Online piano lessons are fantastic for a beginner because they offer a faster way to learn to play the piano. The student doesn’t have to practice drills over and over, they don’t have to spend months learning as much as possible about music theory, and they don’t need to learn to play by ear. Instead, they start out learning the basic components of a song and how to put them together. Very quickly, they learn to play their first song; a popular song they’re going to love to play again and again.  


Online Lessons Make it Easier to Learn to Play

Since the student doesn’t need to spend a lot of time learning music theory or practicing drills, it’s often easier for them to learn to play the piano with online lessons. They’ll also be playing music they enjoy, which means they’re going to want to practice more often. The more they’ll practice, the more they’ll improve, which helps them feel more confident faster and enables them to really start to see a difference quickly. When they start out by learning to play a song instead of learning to play drills, they’ll see how easy it can be for them to really learn to play many different songs they enjoy and how quickly they can learn to play the songs they like to listen to.  


Online Lessons are Available to Nearly Anyone

All a potential pianist needs will be a piano and the time to do the lessons. They don’t need an expensive piano to play, just something they can use for the lessons. They don’t need a lot of time to set aside every day to practice either. They may want to set aside an hour a week to do the lessons and a few minutes a day to practice. They may find more time to practice as they progress because they start to see how much fun playing the piano could be. The more they practice, the faster they’ll learn to play the piano, but even those with a busy schedule can find some time to fit in for their lessons and learn to play quickly.  


Online Lessons Enable the Student to Play Music They Like

Traditional lessons focus on learning drills, followed by learning to play classical music. Very often, it isn’t until a student has been practicing for many years that they get to play more modern songs. Online lessons, instead, start with modern songs the student listens to every day. The lessons focus on today’s pop songs, not songs from decades ago. This makes it more fun to learn to play the piano and means a person can start showing off what they’ve learned much faster because they’ll want to play the songs they enjoy for their friends. 


Online Lessons Focus on Music, Not Theory

Traditional teacher-led lessons tend to involve quite a bit of music theory. While it is important to learn music theory, it is possible to pick up quite a bit without focusing on it. Additionally, much of it is not really necessary to learn if the student just wants to play music they like, not create music on their own.  

Online lessons, on the other hand, start with playing music, not with learning music theory. There’s the chance to pick up on music theory as the student learns to play, but this isn’t a focus and they don’t have to spend a lot of time memorizing how things work and why things are done the way they are. They simply sit down at their piano and learn to play songs.  


Why Should You Take Online Lessons?

Anyone can learn to play the piano and get the benefits learning an instrument provides. If you’ve always wanted to play the piano or you’re impressed by those who can play well and you’d like to see if you can play as well, online piano lessons will give you the chance to start playing right away and to start playing the songs you enjoy. If you’re ready to learn to play the piano, you just need to get a piano and sign up for lessons. You could be playing well and playing fun songs for yourself and your friends before long.

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