Learning to play the piano takes hours of daily practice, right? It takes years of lessons for someone to become proficient and start playing fun songs, right? No. Not at all. Anyone can learn to play the piano in their spare time, even if they only have a half an hour every few days to practice and can learn to play fun songs they enjoy right away. 


Forget About Traditional Piano Lessons

Are you ready to learn how to play the piano, but you’re worried that taking traditional lessons isn’t right for you? Traditional lessons aren’t right for everyone. Those who take traditional lessons must set aside a time for the lesson every week. They must spend time practicing other than during their lessons, and they must practice what the teacher wants them to learn. This may not be as fun as the budding pianist hoped, and they might quickly decide learning to play isn’t for them. 

Online lessons are different. There’s no worry about setting a schedule to sit down and practice. The person just does the lesson when they’re ready and practices whenever they have some spare time. It’s really that easy. They also don’t have to practice songs they’ve never heard of, they can start playing songs they really like right away. This makes the lessons a lot more fun and helps them look forward to the next lesson.  


Drills, Drills, and More Drills?

Drills are the cornerstone of traditional lessons. Teachers have their students play drills as part of just about every lesson and the students are expected to practice the drills over and over again between lessons. Just going up and down a scale, for instance, can be fun the first few times it’s done. But when it’s done an hour a day for weeks? It’s not so fun, not so engaging, and can actually cause the student to become bored with their lessons. A focus on music theory and drills is a reason many people get tired of piano lessons and quit, even though they do really want to learn to play.  

While traditional lessons focus on drills, online lessons focus on how to make piano lessons fun by focusing on songs. The prospective pianist sits down and learns how to play all the parts they need for the song they want to play, practices those parts, then puts them together to create the song. It’s fast, it’s easier, and the person can play songs they enjoy when they practice between lessons. This makes it more likely they’ll practice and can help them learn faster. It also helps them be more confident in what they learn so they’ll be willing to play for others.  

Play the Music You Like Listening To 

Traditional lessons often focus on learning how to play classical songs. While they’re beautiful and impressive to play, most people don’t start playing the piano because they want to play classical songs. Learning a few is fun, but they’d rather be learning to play songs they like, modern songs their friends will recognize and songs that are going to be a lot of fun to play. 

Online piano lessons make it easier to learn to play fun, modern songs. You can learn to play songs you love listening to. You’ll be more likely to stick with the lessons when you’re learning to play songs you enjoy, and you’ll have a lot more fun when you’re practicing between lessons. This enables you to become proficient much faster. The more you enjoy the lessons, the more you’re going to want to learn. 


Start Impressing Your Friends and Family Right Away

If your goal is to impress friends and family with your piano skills, taking lessons online lets you start doing this right away. Online lessons allow you to learn how to play piano fast, and since you’re starting with fun, modern songs, you’ll have a few songs you can play right away. You’ll be able to play them for your friends and family and see how impressed they are with not only what you can do, but what you’ve learned quickly in your spare time.  


Get Started with Next to Nothing 

Are you worried about the start-up cost for learning to play the piano? Traditionally, you might have needed to have a large piano inside your home and had to pay for a teacher to travel to your house once a week for lessons. Today, pianos are smaller and less expensive. Electronic pianos are available that are easy to store so they won’t take up a lot of room in the home and they can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. If you’re thrifty, you might be able to find one for far less. 

You’ll need a computer to take the lessons and an internet connection, but you likely already have both available to you. Between the computer and the piano, you have everything you really need to learn how to play. You might want to also purchase a metronome so you can easily keep a beat while you’re learning. This is not strictly needed, but it does make it far easier for you to practice and be sure you’re learning to play the songs right. 


Are You Ready to Learn to Play?

If you’re excited about finally learning to play an instrument or tackling the piano so you can play songs you love, get started today. You don’t have to spend thousands on a piano, take lessons with a teacher or learn things you don’t really want to learn. You can just sit down with your piano and start playing songs you love.  

Check out the online lessons that are available now. They’re going to help you learn to play fun songs you enjoy listening to right away, so you can learn to play piano and have fun while you do it. You could be playing fun songs for friends and family in just a few weeks. Lessons are easy to access and far less expensive than traditional lessons, so why wait? Start learning how to play the piano today.

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