Music is just about everywhere, and it’s wonderful for your health whether you’re playing it or listening to it. People enjoy listening to music at home, while they’re driving, and even while they’re working when possible. However, when they learn to play the piano, if they take traditional lessons, they’re not going to learn to play the songs that they enjoy listening to. For the most part, traditional lessons focus more on how to play and music theory than playing modern, fun songs. 

If you’re interested in learning to play the piano, taking online piano lessons might be your best bet. You won’t need to spend years learning to play and you can start playing songs you enjoy in just a few weeks. Click here to find out how. If you already have a piano, you can get started taking lessons right now.  


Why the Choice of Lessons is Crucial

There are two main types of lessons available today: traditional lessons or online lessons. There are big differences between the two and choosing the right one can make a huge difference in how fast you learn to play the piano and what you learn to play. 

Traditional Lessons: 

Traditional lessons are the ones most people think of when they’re considering piano lessons. The student goes to a studio to practice with a teacher or the teacher goes to their home for the lessons. Lessons are typically one hour per week, at a set time, and the student must practice between lessons to master the skills.  

During these lessons, students spend a lot of time on music theory and drills. When they do learn to play songs, they’re typically classical songs that may be beautiful, but that don’t have a lot of meaning for the student.  

Online Lessons: 

Online lessons are almost the exact opposite. There’s no need to drive to a studio or be home by the time the teacher arrives for the lesson. They can be done any time, day or night, and don’t have to be done at the same time every week. The student can fit in the lessons whenever they want.  

Practicing, like the lessons, is done when the student wants to practice. They won’t focus on music theory or drills, just on learning to play songs. This makes it more fun for them and enables them to learn how to play real songs even faster. They also don’t have to learn to play songs that have no meaning for them. Instead, they’ll start learning modern songs they enjoy listening to and are going to enjoy playing. 


Which Lessons are Right for You?

If you’re ready to start learning to play the piano and you’d like to focus on classical music composition and songs, traditional lessons might be the best fit. You’ll learn the music theory you need to compose brilliant piano pieces and will have the instruction necessary if you’re planning on playing for thousands at a music hall. 

If, on the other hand, you’re just interested in learning to play and want to be able to have fun playing songs on the piano, online lessons are going to be a much better option. You can learn to play the songs you like listening to in just a few weeks. Whether you just want to play on your own when you have spare time or you’d like to impress friends and family, you can play fun songs almost instantly with online lessons.  

The choice of which type of lessons boils down to what you want to learn. Most people are going to want to learn to play songs they enjoy playing, not learn how to compose their own music. They’re not attempting to become a famous composer, just seeking to have a fun skill that provides a number of benefits for them.  


Look into the Curriculum Available for the Lessons 

When choosing between traditional and online lessons, the piano curriculum is important to consider. Most students are going to want to learn to play songs now, not learn a lot of skills they aren’t really going to need. They’ll want to make sure the curriculum is designed to teach them what they want to learn. 

Traditional Curriculum: 

As mentioned above, the traditional lessons are more focused on music theory and learning drills than they are on learning how to play songs. While students do learn a lot of songs, they also learn how the songs are put together and what is needed to create a beautiful song. Most people aren’t going to need to know this much about music to start playing and won’t really be interested in the music theory behind how songs work. 

Online Lessons: 

Online lessons differ from traditional curriculums in that there is little to no focus on music theory. Drills don’t need to be practiced daily. Instead, the student sits down for their first lesson and starts learning the parts to a song they like listening to. As they practice these parts, they’ll learn how to put them together to play the song. It’s a much faster way to learn to play songs and enables the person to start playing contemporary music, not classical music. 


Check Out Online Lessons to Learn More Today

If you think it would be fun to play the piano or you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, learning to play through online lessons could be perfect for you. You can easily learn piano online and start playing the songs you like to listen to in as little as a few weeks.  

If you’re ready to get started, learn more about what kind of piano you might want and check out how the lessons are structured. This gives you the ability to learn more about the online piano lessons so you can make sure they’re the right option for you. 

Now’s the time to start if you’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano. You don’t need to practice for years to learn to play songs. Check out the online lessons now to get started learning everything you need to know to play your first song

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