If you have an aging brain, maybe it’s time to take music lessons – studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can bring significant improvements. Although the idea of picking up a musical instrument at this age seems odd, don’t worry – you are not alone.  

Many adults have proved that it’s never too late to embrace musicianship – the myth that learning a musical instrument is only for young people is just that- a myth. So, if you have always wanted to learn piano, then go for it! 

First, you need to find the best way to learn to play the piano for you. Read on and we’ll explain the four most popular ways to learn piano, and which one is really the best. 

  1. Play by ear

In the world of learning piano online, “play by ear” is probably the most common method. Hundreds of different courses on the market have materials and video tutorials revolving around it. To put simply, play by ear is the act of listening to a song repeatedly, translate it into notes and chords, and then play the song without any help from written music.  

From the definition, it’s no stretch to say that this method is only the best way to learn to play piano for those who have an “ear” for music and can tell the difference between various notes, chords, and melodies. Also, you need an extraordinary memory to recall the tune.  

  1. Sheet music 

It’s undeniable that learning piano using sheet music is the most popular way, but there are certain drawbacks: 

– You need to learn how to read sheet music. This means you have to memorize how every note of the piano looks, as well as the musical symbols used.  

– It takes a long time to learn new songs if you haven’t mastered sight reading.  

– Sometimes, you can’t find the sheet music for the song you want to learn.  

  1. YouTubetutorials 

Thousands of YouTube tutorials show where to put your hands and when to press the keys to play certain songs or chords. However, if you really think about it, you are simply mimicking someone else’s moves. It’s like learning via built-in keyboard lessons – you do exactly what the program says without understanding why. Besides, as there are too many cover versions of the same song, it can be hard to choose the right one.  

  1. Chords and improvisation (Hint: This is the best way to learn to play piano) 

This method teaches a musical foundation based on chords that applies to a wide genre of music. Once you have a strong knowledge of the piano, you will continue to learn how to improvise, which allows you to add in styles and chords as desired.  

If you are an average person that doesn’t need to achieve the level of a professional pianist, that doesn’t have a lot of time to take on complex concepts, or that wants to learn fast, then chords & improvisation is your go-to method. 

So, have you found out your best way to learn to play the piano? Visit Piano In 21 Days to learn more.

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