Learning Music is Like Learning a Language

Music is a universal language that narrates our lives and piano ranks among the most impressive. The melodies transcend words and invoke raw emotions when used fluently, but you must learn the language first. This realization is when many people consider taking piano lessons for beginners. 

Speaking another language – in this case, playing the piano – inspires a certain degree of respect from those who are in the audience, and satisfaction from those that perform it. What is the best way to learn another language? Have someone drop you off in the middle of France and, in no time at all, you assume you will speak French like a native. Well, it isn’t that easy. Before you would attempt such an endeavor, you would learn the basics. You learn the alphabet, a few words, a few phrases, and, finally, conversations. It is much the same when you are learning how to play the piano. 

By starting at the beginning, you learn how to position your fingers on the keyboard and the importance of proper posture. These may sound like minuscule details, but improper positioning makes certain note combinations difficult or near impossible. Skipping these vital steps could hinder your learning and slow your progress.

Learning to Play Online 

Piano lessons for beginners are abundant online. Many pianists who have already gone through the lessons find themselves eager to share what they know, explaining it in a fashion that would have made better sense to them. In some cases, you’ll even find piano lessons online that build your foundation with as little wasted time as possible, teaching you the keys and chords, positioning – and just enough “theory” to understand the concept, but without making you sit through weeks of it, like traditional piano lessons often entail.  


The notes and chords that you learn become your words and sentences, and soon enough, conversations. These conversations are your songs and melodies. 


Anyone can go online and learn to play their favorite pop song from the countless YouTube tutorials and clips with relative ease. People will be impressed when you can play songs that they listen to every day, rather than something like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, so why not start out with those every-day, modern songs? By starting with these songs in your piano lessons for beginners, you are walking through the fundamentals of each part, step by step. You’ll learn the chords, the notes, the keys – then you’ll learn how to put it all together in a way that is easy for you to understand and perform. This makes the difference between playing the piano and parroting back simple notes.   


All of this may seem overwhelming, but by taking the best piano lessons for beginners, you’re giving yourself a head start, learning the songs you want to play, skipping mindless theory, and learning from the basics all the way up. So, have fun, and enjoy learning the language of piano!

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