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Make You Feel My Love Piano Cover

In today’s post, we have a tune that holds appeal to the fans of multiple artists past and present: my Make You Feel My Love piano cover.

Cultural icon Bob Dylan wrote and originally released this song in 1997. His version was known for its quietly plaintive vocals and sparse guitar instrumentation.

Then the 1990’s, artists including Billy Joel and Garth Brooks put out various interpretations. The song also made the rounds on several TV shows and movies. Since then, Make You Feel My Love has moved into new territory through covers by younger artists as well.

A Classic Song, Made Modern

Adele gave Make You Feel My Love a subdued, jazzy makeover in 2008, bringing the song to a new generation of listeners. Adele’s signature sound combines smooth strength with husky overtones Her voice is perfectly suited to the contemplative, somewhat moody tone. And guess what – Adele’s version is almost entirely backed by piano!

So here’s how I play an instrumental version of this classic song for myself:[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj5ZjWvnWd0″ align=”center”][vc_column_text]

A Classic Song, Made Modern

I start with fairly simple but steady playing of the basic chords for the first verse – this is where I lay the groundwork for the structure of the song and establish the melody before adding complexity to it.

The second verse follows, and I add interest to it by incorporating a bit of improv. This is how I avoid sounding completely repetitious despite the fact that the same exact base chords are repeated. I keep my flourishes subdued, though – a choice that I feel is best-suited to the tone and style of this song.

Adding Interest through Technique

Coming into the chorus (which would usually follow each verse but in this case arrives a bit later in the song), I play with added emphasis and incorporate some higher notes for effect. As you saw, during the last chorus I momentarily move my right hand up an octave (i.e. 8 keys farther to the right on the keyboard).

Moving up or down an octave during a particularly active or emotional part of a song is a great way to add variety to your playing. Doing this can enhance the emotional response that listeners have, too! In this case, temporarily using higher keys for same chords has a brightening effect. That’s a great way to break up a melody which is fairly repetitive overall.

I increasingly incorporate some improv techniques near the end of the song as well, allowing the music to swell at during a final moment before bringing the piece back down to the basic chords. That final moment of relative quiet and simplicity is how I return to the contemplative tone of the first verse.

My Style Choices in the Make You Feel My Love Piano Cover

My Make You Feel My Love piano cover shows my approach to a song that really begs for laid-back, low-key instrumentation. The repetition of the verses before transitioning into the refrain allows for even subtle improv techniques to really shine through. As is so often the case, less is more here!

The casual, somewhat jazzy piano styling is an effect that you can learn to recreate by hitting some notes ahead of or behind the beat. Being completely honest, getting this technique right can take a bit of practice! But learning to time your playing in this way is a great opportunity to add more nuance and interest to songs.
Now It’s Your Turn
I hope you’ve enjoyed my overview of this classic song. But you know what’s more fun than watching my own Make You Feel My Love piano cover? Giving it a whirl for yourself! That doesn’t mean I want you to memorize what I’ve done in my video. Rather, I want you to practice using the method I teach through my online piano lessons so that you can figure out how to play the song on your own.

So pull up your piano seat (or stand, if you’re like me 🙂 ) and give this song a try. You can find chords at www.Ultimate-Guitar.com, and then it’s time to get started! Please let me know if you’ve done your own Make You Feel My Love piano cover – I’d love to hear how it went.

You can grab a copy of my free 5-day workbook here, where you’ll be able to get started playing songs like these in record time and have fun, too. So if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up now!

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