How using your favorite pop songs can help you learn the piano quickly.

When learning the piano in such a tight time frame, you need something that will inspire you to keep learning and keep you practicing. This is where pop music or popular music can come in handy.  


Pop music is heard everywhere and is well liked by all age groups. Being able to play your favorite pop song can make learning the piano quickly an enjoyable challenge. Many pop songs also use various types of piano styles and other neat piano skills in their music. Come on – who doesn’t like trying to do a glissando on the piano?

Greatest resources to use that can help you learn the piano quickly

Since you are using a more informal method of learning the piano, you can avoid the tedious work of learning music theory and other less exciting aspects while learning music. Saves trees, money, and space since you won’t need all that sheet music to play the piano.  


Some of the best resources to use when learning the piano are, digital music programs, and blogs on how to learn the piano quickly. Even can help when you have a question about a particular song. is one of the best resources out there. This site not only allows you to listen but also see the keys on the piano being played depending on which YouTube channel with which you follow along. All you have to do is mimic what you see on your own piano. 


Day to day goal setting 

Setting goals are important when learning the piano and even more so when trying to learn the piano in a short amount of time. Setting goals each day on what you want to learn, practicing parts of a song or the whole song till perfect, or working on specific piano skills used in the song are all good goals to have.  


Setting aside at least thirty minutes of your day to practice the piano can help you develop a habit. This will benefit you in the future should you choose to pursue playing other music.  


Another style of goal setting is picking which of your favorite songs you want to play most. Set a goal to learn at least three of your favorite songs. This will keep you interested in practicing without getting bored. Also, if you want to make things interesting, try to pick easy songs to play on the piano that offer different challenges.  


For example, pick a song that is really fast but upbeat or makes you feel happy. Choose a slow song that allows you to take it easy and another song that has you moving your hands all along the piano keyboard. 


Top five best pop songs that teach you piano skills


1.) I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

Skills this song can teach you: Practice how to use the glissando in a fun, fast way. You also play quickly while using both hands and various chords and chord inversions.  


2.) Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley

Skills this song can teach you: This is another song that plays quickly and needs both hands. It also uses various chords and their inversions.  


3.) American Pie by Don McLean

Skills this song can teach you: This song plays slower and speeds up as the tune progresses. You use assorted chords and their inversions and both hands to play. You also practice how to play both long and short notes.  


4.) La La La by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith

Skills this song can teach you: This song uses both hands, playing different areas of the piano keyboard. It uses the chords and their inversions. It requires playing short notes and long notes quickly and slowly at various intervals.  


5.) Paradise by Coldplay 

Skills this song can teach you: This song plays long notes in combination with short notes, chords, and their inversions. You practice playing on different parts of the piano keyboard.  


This song can be played both quickly or slowly depending on preference.  


Final thoughts 

When you learn to play the piano quickly, you may end up making a few mistakes. That’s okay. Just keep trying and don’t give up, even if a part of your favorite pop song seems hard at first. The more you play a song, the easier it will be for you, and you will develop your memory in the process too. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!