Although they love the instrument, many adults say “No” to learning piano stating reasons such as don’t have enough time or are too tired from other schedules. However, deep down inside, the only reason that actually keeps them from having fun with the piano is that they are afraid they can’t learn how to play the piano online.

Are you one of those adults who keep asking themselves, “Can I play the piano anymore?” 

If you are, don’t be. Even though it is suggested best to learn piano at a young age, the fact is, there is no right age to begin piano lessons. There are adults who chose to start piano lessons at a not-so-ideal age and found the sheer joy of playing. So will you!  

In case you are still hesitant, here are three reasons why you should stop asking yourself “Can I play the piano anymore?” and start piano lessons right now. 

  1. You are good in disciplining yourself and focusing

When it comes to practice, the ability to pay attention and self-discipline is especially important. It is likely, without these two factors, that you will drop lessons or just do them for a short amount of time, such as 15 to 30 minutes. As an adult, you have already learned how to follow schedules and focus for hours. Imagine how fast you can learn to play the piano by focusing 100% on consistent practices, which children can’t commit to without thinking of it as a chore.  

  1. You are good at understanding complex concepts 

Since your brain has gotten used to different concepts, it’s easy for you to reason through complicated ideas and comprehend difficult strategies. Come on. You have made it through many subjects that were much more difficult in four years in university! While children have to learn the rules by practicing, you just need to understand them, and your brain will do the rest.  

In addition, you might have known some basic music theories, so you may not truly start from scratch. Who knows, maybe during learning piano you’ll find out that you have heard about 30% of the materials before. Check this out 

  1. You have listened to music for like a whole life

Until now, you must have listened to thousands of songs of tons of various artists. Thanks to that exposure, whenever you learn something, you can relate it to music that you already know. Moreover, this knowledge helps you understand chords and groupings of chord sounds quite easily. Are you ready to put that experience to use? 

So, the answer to the question “Can I play the piano anymore?”, it’s a YES. You can learn to play the piano as an adult just by enrolling in a course that works especially for you – a busy adult who doesn’t have much time and doesn’t want to play children’s songs or some old classical pieces.  

The important thing is, do you want this or not? It’s all up to you.

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