Without a doubt, “Make You Feel My Love” ranks among the all-time best piano songs ever recorded. Written by Bob Dylan in 1997 and recorded by many different artists over the years, this haunting love ballad has moved millions of listeners. No version of this song is more powerful than Adele’s, which was listed as the number one song in the UK on I Heart Radio in 2014 and has been featured in many popular TV shows, including East Enders and Glee. If you love this song and want to be able to play it on the piano, you can learn to do it in a matter of weeks, even if you’ve never had a piano lesson before.

Doesn’t It Take Years To Learn The Piano?

Traditional methods of teaching piano can indeed take years, and students have to put in many, many hours of practice on scales and exercises in order to make progress. Children who take piano lessons start with simple songs that use one finger at a time and then slowly move on to more complex pieces. Traditional piano instruction emphasizes classical music and trains students to become competent performers. If children take lessons for many years, they are often able to transfer their skills to other types of music when they get older.

This may sound discouraging to adults who want to play piano fast. The good news is that it is entirely possible to learn to play popular music on the piano with two hands and full chords in just weeks. The key is to learn basic techniques and chord structures without spending time learning to read notes or developing a deep understanding of music theory. With the Piano in 21 Days program, adult students learn all the basic techniques for playing “Make You Feel My Love” or any other song they want to learn.

How Does The Program Work?

Instead of preparing students to be accomplished classical musicians, the Piano in 21 Days programs gives students tools to quickly learn songs they want to play without having to learn to read music. Learners just need to know a couple of basic things, like the names of the notes on the piano keyboard and how to combine notes into chords. Fortunately, chords follow very simple and regular formulas, so once students know which keys are which, they can easily figure out any chord pattern.

A D chord, for example, can be found in the following manner. Place the thumb of your right hand on a D key, and then count up 4 keys, including black and white ones. When you get to the number 4, you’ll land on a black key called F-sharp, and you’ll place your middle finger on that key. Finally, you’ll count up three more keys to an A and place your pinky on that key. When you play all three notes together, you’re playing a D major chord. This pattern of counting works for any major chord, and there are other simple patterns to learn for other chord types.

What Do Students Learn Beyond The Basics?

The program also teaches students how to embellish the basic chords with certain improvisations. Playing inversions of chords, for example, adds variety, and playing arpeggios, or one note at a time, adds a sense of movement to a song.  When students finish the program, they haven’t just learned how to play a few specific songs. Instead, they know how to learn to play any song they can find the chords for.

What Makes “Make You Feel My Love” A Good Song To Start With?

Students learn best when they enjoy the process of learning, so if you like this song and connect to it, it’s a perfect song to start with. In addition, while “Make You Feel My Love” does not require you to learn a huge number of chords, it does contain an interesting variety of chord types, including major, minor, and seventh chords. The song can be played in the key of  G with just the following chords: G, D, F, C, C minor, A7, and D7. The song also has a simple rhythm that doesn’t need to be played very fast, which is a benefit for beginners.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Play “Make You Feel My Love”?

The beauty of learning to play the piano with an online program is that it allows students to go at their own pace. Since adult students tend to have busy lives and many different responsibilities to juggle, they may not be able to practice every day, and they may need to spend more time on certain lessons. However, students who are able to practice regularly can learn all the basics in just a few weeks’ time and play songs like “Make You Feel My Love” as if they’d been playing for years.

Why Learn Piano As An Adult?

Sadly, many adults have the idea that music lessons are just for children, and that adults no longer have the capacity to learn. That myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Adults can learn how to play the piano in a way that brings them joy at any time in life. Playing music not only makes people happy, but it’s also good for keeping the brain active and promoting social bonding. When musicians play an instrument, they activate many different regions of the brain at once. When people play music together or just gather around a piano and sing familiar songs, they bond in a unique way that can’t be matched by any other form of social networking.

The Piano in 21 Days program is designed to make it easy for anyone to learn to play piano and to play all their favorite songs without the need to read music or understand the fine points of music theory. Whether you play for a group of people or just for yourself, the ability to play the piano can enhance your life immeasurably.