The international hit “Let Her Go” by Passenger (Mark Rosenberg) is one of the most sought-after songs by amateur musicians who want to play and sing the music they love. Released in 2012, the song expresses the feeling of loss and regret after the end of a relationship with the words “[you] only know you love her when you let her go.” Rosenberg explained that the song isn’t just about a break-up; it’s about that common feeling of not appreciating something until you don’t have it anymore. Despite the bittersweet sentiment, the song is an upbeat pop tune that’s fun to listen to and hard to forget. 


Can A Beginner Learn To Play “Let Her Go”? 

Surprisingly, the answer to this song is an unequivocal “yes.” It isn’t necessary to learn all the scales and develop an in-depth knowledge of music theory to play virtually any pop song you want to play. Traditional piano lessons that begin in childhood are great for giving children a strong musical foundation and preparing them to become accomplished performers. However, you don’t have to become a concert pianist in order to learn to play piano for your own enjoyment. With the Piano in 21 Days course, musicians who are brand new to the piano can learn how to play “Let Her Go” or any good pop songs to play on piano they choose just by reading the names of the chords. 


How Does It Work? 

Although traditional piano instructions tend to emphasize scales and melodic lines, students can learn to play complex songs without years of study and practice simply by learning basic chords. With the Piano in 21 Days course, you can learn the names of the piano keys, including the sharps and flats, and you can learn how keys combine to form chords in very simple and predictable ways.  


Once you have the basics, all you have to do is type the name of the song you want to play into Google’s search bar and find the chords. By playing the chords with the right rhythm you can accompany yourself as you sing. With more practice, you can learn other techniques, like playing arpeggios or adding in the melody with the right hand. In just a few weeks time, you can learn to play “Let Her Go” well enough to sing it for yourself or entertain friends at a party. 


What Makes “Let Her Go” A Good Choice For A Beginner? 

The song “Let Her Go” is played in the key of A minor, and it requires learning just a few chords: A minor, C, F, and G. Most of the notes will be played just on the white keys of the piano, which makes it a littler easier for beginners than a song with a lot of sharps and flats. In addition, the song repeats a simple chord structure that is easy for beginners to learn. Beginning piano students who learn to play this song in a few weeks time will feel incredibly satisfied with the progress they’ve made and delighted that they can play real music, not just simple, one-finger-at-a-time exercises. 


What Is The Best Way To Learn To Play “Let Her Go”? 

The best way for adults to learn songs like “Let Her Go” in just a few weeks time is to take an online course. Compared with traditional lessons, online courses are much more convenient for adults who have busy and variable schedules. An online course allows you to access the content whenever you’re ready for it. If you don’t have time one day or one week, the content will still be there for you whenever you’re able to get back to it.  


An online class also gives you the flexibility to go at your own pace, advancing as soon as you’re ready, or spending extra time on a particular lesson. Studies have shown that when students learn at their own pace, they learn better. In addition, by taking a course that allows you to learn real songs rather than practicing scales, you’ll be able to get the most out of the time you put into your lessons, and you’ll enjoy it much more, too. 


What Are The Benefits Of Learning To Play The Piano As An Adult? 

Many adults have the mistaken idea that they’re too old to learn how to play the piano, and they regret missing out on lessons as a child. But in fact, it’s never to late to take up the piano and learn to play the songs you love. Learning to play music has been proven to stimulate more areas of the brain than most other activities, and people who play instruments have better auditory perception and verbal memory than non-musicians.  


Some of the other proven benefits of playing music include relief from stress and anxiety, increased happiness, stronger executive function, and enhanced bonding with others. Music can bring people together like few other activities. Gathering around the piano to play music and sing songs is a time-honored tradition that still has a place in modern life. 


How Long Will It Take To Learn To Play “Let Her Go”? 

Since an online piano course like Piano in 21 Days allows students to work at their own pace, the answer to this question depends on the individual. However, the majority of our students learn to play piano fast. If you take a little time every day to go through the lessons, you should be able to play “Let Her Go” well enough to sing along to the piano in a matter of weeks. You will be playing full chords with both hands rather than simply picking out the melody.  


In addition, you will be able to acquire a basic level of performance that will impress anyone who listens. You’ll also learn techniques that will make your playing more varied and interesting, and you can use these techniques to improvise. With this adult learning program, you get to be in total control of the pace of your learning and the content that you learn, since you’ll be able to choose your own songs.

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