What you intend to do with your piano skills will determine what kind of route you will need to take.  

If you plan to use your piano skills to gain income or scholarships for school, then a more traditional learning method for the piano may better suit you. 

For those who wish to learn the piano as a hobby, to play your favorite songs without all the musical theory behind it, then these methods to learn the piano on your own are for you.  


Best ways to learn the piano on your own 

There are many methods you can use to learn the piano on your own. Some of the best ways to learn the piano on your own are listed below and here:

  • Learn the piano keys and their sounds
    Learning the piano keys and their sounds will help you determine which notes or chords played in a song. Playing music by ear is a great skill to have and can be trained to some extent. Being able to play by ear will allow you more freedom in learning new songs without having to read music. This one of the best ways to learn the piano on your own. One tip is to label the piano keys with their designated letter if this is a possibility without damaging it.
  • Learn the basics of the piano
    The basics of the piano are a requirement to play well. Basics usually include: the proper posture of body, hands, and feet, knowing the eighty-eight piano keys, the pedals and when to use them, the chords, the chord inversions, and more.
  • Practice songs you like and or love listening to
    Practicing songs you like to listen to will encourage you to keep learning. Playing your favorite song will make learning the piano a fun experience.
  • Find and read from piano blogs or books on how to learn the basics of the piano
    There are many blogs about how to play the piano, techniques, basics of piano music, and more. Some blogs will lean towards teaching music theory, and others will teach you how to play without needing to read music or know musical theory. At your local library or online there are various self-teaching guides and books you can use to help you learn the piano quickly.
  • Practice as often as you can, every day
    Diligence is key here. The beginning may seem tedious at first with all the chords, chord inversions, proper posture, and various piano techniques, but don’t fret, it will all get easier the more you practice. Like any skill, you need to spend at least thirty minutes or more each day or as much time as you can give to learning the piano.
  • Patience
    You will need to have plenty of patience when learning the piano on your own. You will, in essence, be your own teacher and will also have to take things slowly. A slow and steady pace minimalizes mistakes.

All of these methods are some of the best way to learn to play the piano on your own without the need of a professional teacher or having to spend a lot of money. It will take you a little longer, but this method will allow you more freedom during your piano learning journey. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!