Most people have heard that it takes years to learn to play the piano proficiently. It can take many years, starting from when a person was a young child, of lessons every week before they start to be great at playing any song they want to play. Only those who are very talented can learn to play faster than this. It takes time and dedication to learn to play the piano. 

Fortunately, none of that is actually true. It doesn’t take years of lessons to start playing fun songs. It doesn’t take hours of practice every day or practicing drills over and over until they’re memorized. All it takes is a piano, even a small electronic one, and online lessons. You could start playing the piano, and well, in just a few weeks. The HuffingtonPost has even provided a couple of great tips on how to prime your mind to learn anything faster. 


Why Did Traditional Lessons Take So Long?

Traditional lessons are built on the idea that practice makes perfect. They’re designed to teach students to play complex classical music pieces that take a significant amount of knowledge and experience to play. Students are supposed to learn a lot of musical theory before they can play, and they’re required to practice drills until they’re memorized. In fact, many pianists who take traditional lessons will often say they can play the drills in their sleep. 

Along with this, piano teachers just weren’t as interested in teaching the person to play fast. They might have had a student here or there who really picked up on everything faster, but when they were teaching students, they went slow and taught a lot more than was really necessary for the student to start playing songs they want to play. Why? Because the longer the student took lessons, the more money the teacher made. If the student learned to play fast, they would no longer need lessons and the teacher would need to find a new student. 


What Makes Online Lessons Any Different?

Online piano lessons are not designed to get one student to take lessons for as long as possible or to teach the student everything possible about the piano and music in general. Instead, they’re designed to get the student playing. They’re created with the idea that anyone can learn to play piano fast. 

Online lessons don’t focus as much on music theory or drills. Instead, students learn about the various chords used and how to put them together to play a song. Instead of spending years on lessons before they start to play more modern songs, students can start playing modern songs right away. Within the first few weeks of the online lessons, the student can start playing at least a few different songs that they really enjoy playing. Online lessons make piano practice fun.

It shouldn’t take seemingly forever to learn to play the piano. The online lessons are designed around today’s students who are doing more and who have less time to practice. They’re not designed to help the person learn how to create their own classical songs like Mozart or Beethoven might have composed. Instead, they’re intended to get the student playing and to help them play songs that are fun and impressive.  


What Do You Need to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started with online lessons? Having a computer and internet are obvious, but what else do you really need so you can start to play today? 

Piano – The piano doesn’t have to be a baby grand. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one at a local piano store. It can be a smaller electronic piano. In fact, these are incredibly popular today. You could even pick one up at a pawn shop or thrift store and save a ton of money, at least until you’re more familiar with playing and know it’s something you’re going to want to stick with. 

Metronome – A metronome is important to have because it keeps a beat while you’re playing. With the metronome turned on, you can easily make sure you’re playing the right keys at the right time. Many of them can be adjusted to any beat you need for the song you want to play, and then you can follow along with the song while the metronome ticks to help keep you on beat. 

The Right Online Lessons – There are a few different online lessons available today, so it’s crucial to find the right one. You’ll want lessons that focus on teaching you to play songs, not that mimic traditional lessons and are designed to keep you paying as long as possible. With the right piano lessons, you’ll be able to learn how to play the piano in your home in your spare time. 

That’s just about all you’re going to need to start playing the piano. You’ll want to make sure you have a piano ready to go when you want to start the lessons, but you won’t need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment from the beginning. If you truly enjoy the benefits of learning to play and want to progress a lot further or be able to play for friends and family, you can always upgrade your equipment later.  


Have You Always Wanted to Learn to Play the Piano?

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play but you were turned off by the hours of practice, expensive lessons, and the idea that you needed years of lessons to learn to play, online lessons are for you. They cost less, they’re easier to do whenever you have spare time, and you can learn to play piano much faster so you can start playing the songs you enjoy right away. 

Don’t overlook playing the piano just because of what you’ve heard about the traditional lessons. Look at the online lessons now to learn more about how they work and why they’re a better option for anyone who wants to play the piano today. You could be playing several different songs you enjoy in just a few weeks. You’re going to have a ton of fun learning to play.

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