Many people who are incredibly proficient at the piano did start as young kids. Their parents paid for lessons year after year so they could become proficient and play songs on the piano. But does it need to be that way? Can adults learn to play the piano even if they’ve never played more than Chopsticks before? 

Today, online lessons make it easy for anyone to learn how to play. No prior experience is needed. They might not become the next Bach or Tchaikovsky, but they can learn how to play fun, modern songs they enjoy listening to on the radio. They don’t need to spend hours every day practicing and can even learn to play songs in a few weeks of lessons. 

Many adults who learn how to play the piano discover that the art can even teach some valuable lessons outside of the musical world, as well. 


Anybody Can Learn to Play

While it can take a long time to truly master the piano, it shouldn’t take years to start playing fun songs. Just because someone didn’t start learning the piano when they were in elementary school shouldn’t stop them from being able to learn how to play today. There are numerous benefits to learning to play, even if someone learns how to play the piano as an adult instead of as a child. 

With online lessons, anyone can learn how to play. Anyone. They don’t need to be a young child with years ahead of them to practice. They don’t need to have a set time every week to do the lessons. They don’t need to already have any knowledge of how to play. All they need is a piano to practice on and an internet connection to enable them to view the lessons. That’s really all they need, and they can choose any piano that works properly. They don’t need to spend a lot of money to purchase a brand new grand piano and find room to keep it in their home.  


Why Traditional Lessons Aren’t Really Needed

Traditional lessons are designed to create proficient players who understand everything about the piano. While this might be important for a concert pianist, it’s not really needed for someone who just wants to play to have fun or for their friends. They don’t need to know the details of how songs are composed, they just want to learn how to play fun songs. 

When someone wants to start playing as an adult or just wants to play songs they enjoy listening to, traditional lessons provide far more instruction than they might really need to have. Online lessons, instead, enable them to just jump in and start playing songs. They can choose from some of today’s biggest hits so they’re having more fun playing the songs and they’re learning more with every song they try.  


How Learning to Play Online Works

There’s no need to head to a studio to take a lesson from a teacher or rush home to be there by the time the lesson starts. Anyone can take the lesson when they want. If they have free time in the middle of the night because of their work schedule, they can do the lessons in the middle of the night. They can choose which lesson they want to do and pick the songs they want to play. Then, they just follow along with the lesson.  

They’ll want to practice the lesson until they’re able to play the song well, but they don’t need to practice an hour every day. Whenever they have free time, they can practice the lesson. They can spend as much time on the lesson as they want and don’t have to worry about needing to perfect a song within a certain amount of time.  


Time Requirement to Play Online Lessons

Most people who want to learn to play will be worried about the time commitment. In the past, learning to play meant the person needed to set aside an hour every week to meet with a teacher for their lessons. This might be done at their home or their teacher’s studio. They also needed to spend at least an hour every day to practice the lessons so they could become proficient and play them easily. 

This can be a lot to do, and many adults have a busy schedule. They might not be able to fit in a certain time to take lessons every week, but they can find a few minutes here and there to do a lesson if it’s online and easily accessible for them. Online piano lessons don’t require the time commitment that traditional lessons do, and a person can learn how to play piano fast without having to adjust their schedule for the lessons or worry about having an hour to practice every single day. 


Financial Requirement to Play Online Lessons

One of the biggest concerns people have with piano lessons is the cost. Even if the teacher has a piano for them to use during the lessons, they’ll need a piano to practice between lessons. They’ll also have to pay the teacher for the lessons, and this can add up quickly. On top of that, many people spend years taking traditional lessons. The cost can be quite high once everything is added together. 

Online lessons altogether tend to be far less expensive. Though they do need to purchase a piano, an aspiring pianist can use an electronic piano. They’re much less expensive and can even be purchased used to save more money. The lessons themselves are less expensive and the person can spend as much time as they want on each lesson. If they repeat the same lesson three times, they don’t pay three times for working with the teacher. 


Online Lessons May Be the Best Option Today

Traditional lessons still have their place, but for most people, they’re unnecessary. There’s no need to focus on a lot of music theory and drills when someone just wants the benefits of being able to play and wants to be able to play the songs they like. If you’re ready to learn to play piano and you’re interested in playing fun songs from the beginning, online lessons might be the best option for you.

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