In every civilization, music has been used to tell stories, express feelings, and communicate values. The hold music has on us, as people, is deeply rooted in our consciousness. Every person has preferences as to the type of music they enjoy. Every situation has a soundtrack which can change the way we perceive or remember events. Piano lessons for beginners are a popular way for many people to tap into the musical world.

Imagine you’re in an elevator, descending to the lobby of a law firm. What kind of music do you hear in that scenario? Maybe you’re at a wedding in a large ballroom with impressive flowers and decor. What music do you think would mark that special occasion? Even funerals will feature music to remember the departed and comfort the mourners. Each of these events will require particular sounds and tones. The music chosen will be meant to elicit reactions, feelings, and behavior from the listeners.

You wouldn’t expect to hear reggae in a demure office environment or the blues at a wedding. Often, the music we hear gives us clues about our expected behavior in a situation. If we hear lively techno music blasting in a club, we expect raucous dancing to ensue. However, if we walk into the same dimly lit club and hear soft piano music, we expect the patrons to behave in a more inhibited manner. 

The way we react to musical stimulus is well known and exploited in the world. Movie makers employ music to invoke emotional reactions or signal a change in pace for a film. Often, a change in the score will tell viewers that something exciting, terrifying or sad is about to happen. Television shows and even commercials also employ an understanding of our inherent connection to music.

Everywhere you go, from the bank to the theater, you’re accompanied by rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. Even as you trudge through your daily commute, music can help calm you, wake you up, or allow you to vent your frustrations. People often employ beginner piano lessons to take control of that calming feeling. No other medium so seamlessly intertwines with society in every part of the world. 

You, undoubtedly, understand the intrinsic value of music, but do you know why? Studies of the human mind have begun to explain our fascination and dependency on this intangible part of our lives. If you’ve ever wondered how taking piano lessons for beginners can improve your life, then read on. Through research, we can begin to see how music affects the way we think and feel.

The Science Behind the Notes

In a study published in PNAS Online in 2001, the brain was shown to have a remarkable response to different types of music. Subjects in the study underwent brain scans which subsequently revealed similar responses to music as is seen with pleasure and drugs. Those same euphoric feeling can be shown in scans of individuals as they undergo beginner piano lessons.

In a later 2010 study, published in the 2011 edition of Nature Neuroscience, brain scans were used to measure the dopamine release from music. The study noted an increase in dopamine from the anticipation and experience of emotional music. The research shows that our minds’ pleasure centers can be directly affected by the type of music we hear. Additionally, individuals can have different responses to the same tunes based on their experiences and background. Musicians are more attuned to the music they hear, so learning piano online may heighten your dopamine response.

Dopamine is essential to any mammal. This neurotransmitter allows us to feel reward and in turn, motivation. If you are ever unmotivated to work out, complete an office report or eat, then you suffer from a lack of dopamine. Luckily, research has revealed that you can boost dopamine through exposure to stimuli such as chocolate, accomplishing a goal, and music. With those choices, turning on your favorite song or taking piano lessons for beginners are probably the easiest ways to stimulate dopamine production. Listening to jazz or pop rock is certainly healthier than stuffing your face with bonbons whenever you feel lethargic.

In 2015 neuroscientists at MIT discovered a particular process in the auditory cortex which handled music. This finding proved that our brains have evolved to appreciate and use music differently than speech or other noises. The MIT team was surprised to find a selectivity for musical processing. Prior research had not shown specialized neural processing for music. However, this realization further supports the importance of music to our brains and society. Additionally, it supports the many benefits people can enjoy from learning piano online.

This interaction between auditory stimuli and the pleasure centers of the brain make music an integral part of human life. The connection also informs how we can use music to change the way we think, act and feel. For some people, a constant playlist helps influence their behavior through an iTunes or Google account. For others, music elicits a better response if they sing along or play the song themselves. Piano lessons for beginners can be a great way to encourage activity in your mind’s pleasure center. And, learning piano online is a convenient way to control your dopamine production.

The use of musical therapy has proven helpful in hospitals and rehab facilities around the world. The connection between emotion, motivation, and memory is used to help patients undergoing musical treatment. Often patients listen to music or partake in beginner piano lessons as part of therapy. However, anyone can use music to impact their lives positively. Something as simple as learning piano online can drastically change your outlook.

Isn’t It Too Late to Learn?

As you listen to music, you may be inspired to go one step further. Often, as people listen to emotionally inspiring music, they sing along and wish they could take lessons for beginner piano songs. However, the fear of failure or idea that learning piano online may be challenging and time-consuming can keep them from pursuing their inspiration.

The truth is, no one is too old or busy to put music to work in improving their lives. Anyone can benefit from piano lessons for beginners. If you feel happier, more productive, and positive your life will be better. Since happiness can directly impact how successful you are, it’s important to consider options for increasing happiness. Science supports piano lessons for beginners as a surefire way to improve your outlook.

Many people mistakenly believe they will be happy once they’ve achieved financial success. However, studies show that unhappy people are less likely to succeed. Positive thinking can directly inform productivity and how you’re perceived by outside sources. Therefore, having a happier outlook can improve your ranking at work and likelihood for promotion and praise.

Suddenly getting a big promotion is unlikely to happen to the Debbie downer of the office. So, you may wonder, how can you turn your attitude around? Well, playing music is a scientifically supported way to make positive changes in your life. Additionally, taking beginner piano lessons may be the outlet you need to fully unleash your mind’s potential. Creative expression is a major key to feeling fulfilled. Understanding that music can promote a healthier brain and reduce stress makes musical training an attractive way to jumpstart change in your life. 

However, common thinking says that piano lessons for beginners are best left to children. When we think of taking beginner piano lessons, we probably envision a small child being taught by an old librarian. However, anyone can learn music at any age. There are multiple ways the learn an instrument, and you may not realize that you are uniquely able to take on this endeavor. While children are often pushed into piano lessons for beginners, they don’t usually stick with or enjoy it.

You may think that sounds silly, what else do kids have to do? Well, adults have many advantages over children when it comes to learning an instrument. If you decide to learn guitar or piano, you have the knowledge that it will benefit you. Additionally, you have the motivation of having chosen a creative outlet for yourself. Also, you know your musical preferences and can steer your learning towards songs which boost your dopamine response. You can choose the piano lessons for beginners which best suit your goals and lifestyle.

As a working professional or college student, you are likely affected by stress. However, listening to and creating music can reduce stress through the production of dopamine and stimulation of the auditory cortex. The processing of music which happens when you write a song or play a note also has a deeper use for your brain. This mental involvement is a common reason for adults to begin learning piano online.

The higher functions of performing music exercise the part of your brain which creates and thinks critically. For this reason, piano lessons for beginners are a great workout for a tired brain. While most people opt to stare at the television screen to rest their minds, this is counterproductive.

Studies have shown that excessive television watching does affect your brain negatively. The takeaway from this research is that spending time staring mindlessly will reduce brain function, making higher functions more difficult. So, if running numbers at work makes you feel sluggish, don’t stare at Game of Thrones when you get home. Odds are, you’ll only be hurting your future brain function. Instead, engage in physical or mental stimulation. Learning piano online is one of the most popular activities which counts as physical and psychological; involving your body and your brain.

Playing music involves even more parts of your brain than listening alone. Research has shown that as you play an instrument, almost all parts of your brain are involved. This strengthens your neural cognition and improves the speed at which your brain works. Musicians exhibit enhanced memory functions and are better able to multitask. The findings have shown that music is unique in its broad benefits to the human brain. No other learning task engages as much of your mind or affects the way you process thought as deeply as piano lessons for beginners.

The reality is that learning piano online or through in-person lessons is something which can benefit adults in all walks of life. From students to CEOs, everyone can benefit from increased dopamine production, reduced stress and exercising their minds. The only thing standing in the way for most people is the motivation to take beginner piano lessons.

However, understanding how learning an instrument can help you may be the key to finding your motivation. Something as simple as beginner piano lessons can boost job productivity, improve your mood, reduce stress and increase brain function.

Sound too good to be true? Science supports the importance of music for people of all ages. Furthermore, recent studies have attributed music with overall health benefits. Researchers have linked musical involvement with reduced pain sensitivity, enhanced relaxation, improved immune system function, heightened athletic motivation and increased memory strength.

Boost Your Productivity 

Whether you are studying for your Ph.D. or working in a cubicle, music can help bolster your productivity. It’s no secret that our minds can wander when we are trying to force concentration on a task. People often turn to caffeine or breaks to try and refocus. However, studies have shown that listening to music of your choice can help improve your focus.

The basis is that music helps release dopamine which increases our feelings of happiness. When our brains are happy, they relax and tend to wander less. Reduced frustration and stress leads to more productive studying or working. An important factor in studies has been to allow subjects personal choice.

Every person has a different emotional response to the same songs. Choosing music which is positive for you and not distracting is imperative to see results. There is no difference between genres scientifically, the only factor which matters is your connection to the music played.

Aside from keeping your mind on task, listening to music can also help drown out distractions of a busy workplace or dorm room. Just as music has a function in so many other parts of our lives, it can also be put to work for you. Using music to help your workplace performance is an excellent way to get ahead. 

Additionally, learning an instrument can help with your school or career. Beginner piano lessons have been proven to help memory and neural cognition. For the average employee, this means faster response to problems and a better recall of instructions. To your employer, musical training may increase your value in the company exponentially. Better performance coupled with increased productivity is bound to benefit you professionally and financially.

Learning piano online may also provide a creative outlet which can keep your brain actively satisfied. Practicing an instrument for as little as 20 minutes per day has been shown to help workplace performance. Daily piano lessons for beginners may be your answer to focusing at work and moving up the ladder.

  1. Improve Your Mood

For many adults, depression and anxiety are clouds which make everyday life difficult. A 2015 study, concluded that American depression cost society $210 billion yearly. Those numbers aren’t surprising when you consider that workers worldwide are working longer and harder than ever before. As of 2016, it’s estimated that about eighty-three percent of employees are stressed about their jobs. 

Additionally, only thirteen percent of workers worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Those numbers are according to a 2013 Gallup Poll survey. The study measured how psychologically committed employees are to their jobs. Since most people spend 8 to 12 hours a day at work, not feeling personal enjoyment from what you’re doing is bound to cause mental strain.

Workplace stress can compound and even cause depression. However, there are ways you can combat the ugly effects of depression and improve your overall mood. Music is one of the most widely used tools for people who are fighting mood disorders. Taking a break from your stressors by learning piano online is an easy way to relax.

Studies have examined how music affects the emotional responses of our brains. In some situations of loss, sad music can provide a kinship for the listener. The feeling that you are not alone can be uplifting in itself. Conversely, research has supported the use of positive music to reverse negative thinking.

People can improve their moods in just two weeks of listening to positive music. For someone suffering from depression or workplace stress, music can be transformative. Research also shows that playing music has an exceptional effect on depression and mood. The use of musical therapy and musical training has been found to be effective in improving emotional states. For that reason, therapists often suggest beginner piano lessons to patients with anxiety or stress disorders.

Specific studies have shown that piano lessons for beginners can improve mood in older adults. The subjects of these tests also benefited from increased cognition and motor skills. While beginner piano lessons may not replace antidepressants, they can significantly improve your quality of life.

Considering the productivity and mood benefits of learning piano online or in-person, it’s surprising more working professionals don’t take up classes. When you also factor in the benefits of stress reduction and brain strengthening, piano lessons for beginners are a no brainer.

Reduce Stress

Tension reduction is probably the biggest reason adults turn to music. When you drive in gridlocked traffic or unwind after a long day, chances are you’re listening to music. The type of music depends on your personality and preferences. However, people choose songs which encourage dopamine response in their brains. How do we know what songs produce dopamine? 

Your brain starts to develop musical preferences around age 10. During adolescence, anything you listen to through emotional times is tagged as having special meaning. So, the music you enjoy as an adult is heavily influenced by your teen years. The songs which elicit the most emotional response from you, are giving you the most dopamine.

Reducing the impact of stress on your life can help you in every avenue. Stress can cause health problems like headaches, heartburn, insomnia, high blood pressure and infertility. Long-term stress can morph into depression and cause issues with friends or family.

Luckily, science has proven that music can help reduce stress. Moreover, music practice can act like hyper drive for calming your mind. Piano lessons for beginners can significantly reduce the white noise in your mind. The trick is that learning piano online requires you to focus on your fingers and the song. The activity, no matter your skill level, clears your mind. Additionally, piano lessons for beginners are less complicated than beginner lessons for other instruments. Since selecting a complicated instrument may exacerbate stress, the piano is ideal for new learners seeking a creative outlet. 

  1. Exercise Your Brain

As you learn an instrument, your mind is engaged on a multitude of levels. Musical training has been proven to change the way your brain works, even for adults. Something as basic as piano lessons for beginners will encourage neuroplasticity in your mind.

The practice may not get you to Carnegie Hall, but it can help you succeed in school or work. Faster neural cognition allows you to think on your feet and come up with solutions quickly. Additionally, improved memory can help you socially and professionally. We all know that we are expected to decline as we age. Wouldn’t it be nice to beat the odds and keep your edge?

In as little as a few weeks of learning piano online, you can permanently improve your brain’s functions. Things like motor skills, auditory response, memory, and processing speed can be positively influenced by beginner piano lessons.

Because we know music is successful at engaging your entire brain, many studies have been conducted on musicians. These studies have supported learning a new instrument as the most successful way to improve structural and functional brain plasticity. And, the studies show that musical training is effective across age groups. Children to the elderly can benefit from piano lessons for beginners.

As you age, you will find that learning piano online will continue to improve your quality of life. Senior citizens who practice instruments have been shown to have an easier time separating sounds in crowds, remembering details and responding quickly to auditory cues. These studies suggest that piano lessons for beginners can help prepare adults for later life. While the more accomplished musicians will reap greater benefits, even beginner piano lessons garnered marked improvement.

Learning piano online can also help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Studies have explored the link between musical training and lasting brain health. What they have found is encouraging for anyone who wants to stay sharp as they age. Elderly musicians have an easier time recalling information and function on a more succinct level than non-musicians. This is true even for casual players taking beginner piano lessons.

Additionally, playing an instrument can increase the blood flow in your brain and help repair damage from brain injuries. This implies that strokes and other function-impeding brain injuries can be improved by learning and practicing an instrument.

Choose Your Instrument

The benefits of learning an instrument are overwhelming, but choosing what to play needn’t be. New musicians should consider what will help them most with the fewest drawbacks. The easiest choice for novices is taking beginner piano lessons.

The piano is ideal for beginners because it doesn’t require you to master breathing or reading music before you can progress. You can easily learn piano online in your spare time, on your schedule. There are convenient video courses available online, which are perfect for working professionals and students. And, you can be enjoying the benefits of making music in as little as 21 days!

For anyone wanting to learn an instrument as a hobby selecting the right one is imperative. However, if your goal is to improve your work or home life or reduce stress, beginner piano lessons are the easiest option. And, for anyone who wants to continue musical education, learning piano online is a great foundation. The skills and understanding of music you obtain from piano lessons for beginners are easily transferable to other instruments. Once you can play piano, you’ll love expressing your creativity and letting off steam through music.

You may be thinking; pianos are expensive. You’re not wrong there. However, the great portable and fiscally sound option is a keyboard. Keyboards are cheap and easy to maintain. They don’t require tunings like a guitar or string replacements. To benefit most from beginner piano lessons, you will want a standard 88-key board. Other than that, you’re free to pick up a keyboard at a yard sale or the mall.

Once you’ve bought a keyboard, you are well on your way to relaxation and greater brain plasticity. You won’t need to work lessons into your hectic schedule if you choose to learn piano online. The convenience of learning will only increase your enjoyment of the process. You will be able to focus on your favorite songs to zero in on dopamine production. And, within 21 days of learning piano online, you will be able to shine.


If someone told you that one simple change could improve your relationships, long-term health, stress levels and work progress, would you do it? How about if that change could be achieved with minimal financial strain, investment of time and without interrupting your daily routines? What if that change only took 21 days and could be done anytime it’s convenient for you?

Well, that’s what learning piano online can provide. Beginner piano lessons conveniently recorded and supplied to you, online. The ability to stop and start lessons as you please, the option to practice as little or as much as you like, the privacy of learning piano online in your own home, and all within 21 days.

Music is an integral part of human existence which helps promote health and happiness on multiple levels. Taking beginner piano lessons can substantially increase your brain’s plasticity and cognition, leading to better productivity at work and a healthier later life.

Taking beginner piano lessons is a great introduction to music and is stress-free. You can have all the benefits of musical training without investing tons of money and rearranging your schedule. Beginner piano lessons are easier when you set the pace and direct your education. Learning piano online allows you the freedom to enjoy what you’re doing.

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