Everyone has been telling you that you need to get a hobby or something to pass the time, and you say, “such as what, cooking?” There’s nothing wrong with a gourmet meal or two, but not everyone wants a life as a master chef, and you can only eat so much. Well, we have a hobby that will provide endless hours of entertainment and benefits galore…and that’s online piano lessons!

Many people only start searching for something to learn if it will help them in other areas. Often, people begin looking at online piano lessons and ask, “But how will these help me in life?” This applies especially to people considering piano lessons for beginners. This article will show you a few of the many ways learning piano will change your life for the better.

Emotional Benefits

Music makes people happy. This is proven. There are other emotional benefits, though, there’s more to gain from starting online piano lessons for beginners. The power that music compels is such, that just by listening to a song, the music can make you feel happy, sad, relaxed, or empowered as the artist pours themselves into the song. Many people have found that starting online piano lessons (not even the advanced lessons, just the piano lessons for beginners), that it helps them to combat feelings of depression and anxiety almost immediately.

Why is emotional health so important?  It aligns with mental and physical health more than you realize.  Once you start your online piano lessons, you’ll soon find that your physical health will increase drastically.  Why does this work?  Having a positive outlook on life and doing something that makes you happy (such as learning your favorite songs) relieves the stress on your body, which will increase your health levels.

They say a healthy person is a happy person, and vice versa.  So, when it comes to your emotional wellbeing, starting online piano lessons is definitely the way to go, even if it’s just piano lessons for beginners.  There’s no “wrong” level to start at.

Mental Benefits

The benefits to your mind when starting online piano lessons and finding cool songs to play on piano are equally as great, if not more so than the emotional benefits.  When you start piano lessons for beginners, you might not notice a huge change in your mental capacity and skill, but the change is certainly there, and it’s one for the better!

What benefits, you ask?  Well, once you start learning, your mind starts to grow.  The brain is just like any muscle in the body, and it strengthens with constant and repeated work.  If you start online piano lessons, you’ll be learning something new, and this will start the ball rolling as neural pathways form and fire.  It doesn’t have to be something complicated, such as sight reading or learning Beethoven’s piano concerto in C-minor, it begins with something as simple as starting piano lessons for beginners. That’s how beneficial it is for you.

You see, the more you learn, the greater your mental capacity will become, and this, in turn, will help you to learn more.  That’s not all!  With online piano lessons, you’ll not only increase your mental capacity when it comes to storing your lessons, but you’ll also find that you’re able to pick up on songs quicker and find the notes on the piano faster.  This comes from practicing your pieces, which in turn strengthens your mind.

A New Talent (or two)

Although self-explanatory, this one is another way that learning to play piano will change your life.  As music is an integral part of our modern culture, learning to play piano online means that you’re on the path to playing all of your favorite songs, as well as play along with other friends and family members when they want to “jam a few songs” with you.

There’s more than just one “talent” that you can gain after you finish your piano lessons for beginners though.  After the basics, you can specialize in different avenues of piano playing, each avenue suited to particular people and skillsets.

Some of the talents you can learn are as follows:

Musical Awareness

This is where you’re able to listen to a song playing and follow along on the piano with little-to-no practice beforehand.  It all comes from practicing your pieces and chords to such an extent, that you can hear (and feel) the right chord progressions and patterns.

Sight Reading

Sight reading piano music is an amazing talent to gain from online piano lessons. It means you don’t even need to hear the song to play it!  You simply have a look at the music in front of you and start playing!

Rhythm and Timing

Once you finish the piano lessons for beginners, you’ll find that you’re able to keep time a lot more accurately than you used to.  You can to maintain a constant rhythm and beat for others to follow.  If you’re not ready to play with others just yet, then it’s still something to help you when you start the next set of online piano lessons, as timing is as important (if not more so) than the notes that you have to play.

The other benefit to learning new skills is that it helps keep you alert and will keep you happy to boot!

Confidence Booster

You may not have considered it, but learning to play the piano will improve your confidence levels.  Many people struggle with confidence when it comes to life, whether it’s meeting new people, applying for a job, or attempting a task.

How do online piano lessons help with this?  Well, when you start trying to learn something, at first you are going to struggle (as you will with anything in life).  However, the more you practice, and persevere through those initial difficult stages that everyone goes through when they start piano lessons for beginners, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment with each video and module that you complete.

Each time you complete something, it boosts your confidence in yourself, as it allows you to say, “I did it!  I can do the next thing!”  So, when it comes time to face a new group of people at a party, or tackling that job interview, you can say, “I learned to play piano. I can do this!” It really works!  Many people start online piano lessons with the goal, “I want to play my favorite song on the piano” and soon found themselves taking risks they never thought they would… and accomplishing things they never thought possible!

Enjoying Life

The last major way that online piano lessons can change your life is that it will improve your outlook on life in general.  When starting your piano lessons for beginners, you might find it a bit daunting (as we all did when we started).  However, once started, you find that it’s pretty easy to learn and, in no time at all, you’ve learned how to play your first song!

How does this help you enjoy life, though?  Well, by taking online piano lessons, it means you’re able to learn from home, and so you can surprise your friends by playing a song for them as they sing along.  There’s nothing better than singing a song with your friends unless you’re the one playing the song on a piano that is!  The one that makes the music for everyone to sing to enjoys the song all the more!

But that’s not the only way online piano lessons can help you enjoy life.  Another way is music!  Piano lessons for beginners will show you the basics, but online pianos lessons will take you further. Not to sound too much like a Disney movie, the real magic comes from within.  Once you start enjoying what you’re playing and learning, the real fun begins.

It’s like a flame in the fireplace.  It starts out small, but once you start learning, it soon grows and starts to warm everyone around you with the infectious fun that all can see on your face as you play your favorite songs on the piano.

The Last Word

So now that you know just a few of the ways that taking online piano lessons for beginners can change your life, what are you going to do with it?  Are you going to go about your life not taking chances and playing it safe?

I think not!  You want to experience what learning piano has to offer, from the ability to play the piano to improving your mental, physical, and emotional health. There’s nothing better than going to bed every day with a smile on your face and fire in your heart, and online piano lessons can give you that!  You just need to take the first step and try out a few piano lessons for beginners, and the lessons will do the rest!

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