How to play piano using online piano lessons

Learning how to play the piano can be hard when you don’t know where to start. That is where online piano lessons can help you learn piano. Online piano lessons are often easy to use and detailed enough option for you to do on your own without the need for a traditional piano instructor.  


There are a wide variety of methods and techniques used in online piano lessons. Here’s one way.  One excellent way to learn the technical piano skills is through learning how to play your favorite pop songs on the piano.


What to consider when trying to learn piano

The piano is a complex instrument that takes time to learn. Finding the right online piano lessons can make all the difference when to learn piano well. You want lessons that provide you with a strong understanding of the basics along with the possibility to advance your piano skills.


Top five tips for practice to help you stay motivated with playing piano  


1.) Set multiple easy to achieve short-term goals and a couple of long-term goals.

How this practice tip for staying motivated with the piano works: By setting a couple of long-term goals you give yourself a direction to go in when trying to learn piano. Using multiple, easy to achieve short-term goals gives you the quick satisfaction that will keep you going towards your long-term goals.  


2.) Practice for thirty days straight for at least thirty minutes a day to establish a habit.

How this practice tip for staying motivated with the piano works: Using this method will establish a productive habit. When you make practicing the piano a habit it becomes easier to simply learn piano and not feel like it is a chore. Like any habit, it takes dedication and discipline to establish it, but once it is there, it will make learning anything extremely easy for you.  


3.) Using music that inspires you or that you enjoy listening to learn piano and also offers you a challenge when trying to play them. 

How this practice tip for staying motivated with the piano works: We all have a list of tunes we can’t live without. So why not use those songs to further your goals in learning the piano! Using songs that give you a challenge will keep you interested in learning piano for a longer time than if you went with easy-to-play songs that had nothing but simple, repetitive melodies. 


4.) Teach what you learn on the piano to others

How this practice tip for staying motivated with the piano works: Teaching what you learn to others can offer you many benefits. For instance, you will remember your piano lessons better. You get to show off what you learned to another person, which will boost your confidence in your piano skills. You get to make piano practice a fun experience and have a bonding moment with someone at the same time.

It will also keep you inspired to learn piano instead of giving up during moments when you struggle.  


5.) Give yourself time for setbacks and self-reflection 

How this practice tip for staying motivated with the piano works: Piano is a hard instrument to learn. You won’t learn it in a day, and there will be days where learning a particular piano skill will seem impossible. But don’t let those setbacks discourage you from learning how to play the piano. In fact, use those setbacks and reflect on your mistakes. By doing this, you see what you are doing wrong and can learn ways to improve your skills.  


Final thoughts

Whichever way you choose to motivate yourself always try to remember why you wanted to learn piano in the first place. Sometimes it is as simple as remembering the reason you wanted to learn how to play piano that can help keep you motivated through the tougher lessons.  

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