Many people have different reasons to why they want to learn piano. The piano is a great instrument to learn about all the various styles, genres, and overall sound it offers the pianist. Nothing beats going for a fun jazzy number like Ella Fitzgerald’s Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp of Savannah) or a punk rock Clash I Fought The Law and The Law Won cover on piano. If you are into film music, Hans Zimmer’s The Organ of Davy Jones is another great piece of music. 


Reasons why some people want to learn piano


1.) I want to learn how to play the music I listen to.  


2.) I want to learn piano so that I can one day play my favorite classical piece of music. 


3.) I want to learn something new. 


4.) I want to learn piano, so I can impress my family and friends. 


5.) I want to learn piano to get a scholarship for college or entrance into a music arts college. 


6.) I want to learn piano to one day become a professional pianist. 

This is not a complete list of reasons of why people want to learn to play the piano online, but all are good goals to have when you want to learn a complex instrument like the piano. It’s even possible to teach yourself to play the piano.

Why learning the piano is a great idea


Learning the piano comes with many great benefits. Some these benefits include:

  • Strengthening your mind and mental capacity. Studies show that learning the piano boosts IQ in children and helps prevent some mental ailments in the elderly.
  • The piano can help build your appreciation for various musical works. Once you have trained your ear, you can detect subtleties in variations in sound you never even noticed you missed.
  • The piano helps you build confidence in yourself. You will be able to do something that is enjoyable for you and those around you.
  • Opens up your ability to play other instruments, such as the guitar. The piano’s ability to play both the lowest and highest possible notes makes it the most versatile musical instrument. Learning the piano chords helps when you go to learn other musical instruments. Pianos are also used to keep other instruments in tune.
  • The piano is a great hobby to have. When you have a stressful day or simply wish to relax by doing something you love, the piano is there to help.  


  • It is a great instrument to learn because it is easy for all ages to learn. Whether you are a little kid just learning music or an older adult looking to expand your musical interests, the piano is always one of the most recommended musical instruments to learn next to the guitar.  


Famous pianists from around the world

There are many famous pianists from both the past and present. Maybe you will find one of these great individuals inspiring to help you develop your own personal musical style. Whether you strive for the classics of Bach and Beethoven or something more modern like Martha Argerich and Glenn Gould, you are bound to find a great pianist for a role model.

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