Are you interested in learning how to play piano well but worried about how much time it will take? Are you wondering if there’s even a point in trying because of your busy schedule? If you can get a piano and sign up for the online lessons, you can start learning how to play. You can learn to play songs you enjoy in as little as a few weeks. No matter how much spare time you really have, it’s possible to learn to play. 


No Set Schedule for Taking the Lessons

One misconception most people have about piano lessons is that they need to find a teacher and set aside an hour or two every week for the lessons. With a busy work schedule and kids, this can be almost impossible for many adults to do. And, it’s not really necessary. 

It’s not necessary at all to rearrange a schedule that’s working just fine to fit in piano lessons every week. It’s possible to learn how to play by taking lessons early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Online lessons can be done at any time and can even be broken up into smaller lessons so it’s easier to fit in the time to learn.  


No Hours of Practice Every Week

Another misconception is that it requires hours and hours of practice before a person can learn to play songs on the piano. This comes from teachers having their students practice drills and play classical songs repeatedly before the student masters them. A large part of this is just because the songs aren’t fun.  

The student isn’t interested in the songs they’re playing or the drills, so they don’t really want to practice, and it seems almost torture to play over and over again. Many people have experienced this if they started taking lessons when they were a young child. This can be a big part of why many people take lessons when they’re a child, but end up quitting as they get older and lose interest in playing the piano. They want to learn to play to have fun, not to play the same thing over and over.  

If you want to learn to play piano fast, online lessons are the best option. Because they’re done at your own pace, you choose when to practice and how much you want to practice. You choose the songs you want to learn, so you’re going to be more interested in what you’re playing and more willing to practice. You might even find more time to practice when you’re really interested in what you’re learning.  

When you’re enthusiastic about what you’re learning, you’re going to find you learn much faster. As with everything, practice makes perfect. When the practice is fun, you’re going to perfect it faster.  


No Memorizing Drills

Anyone who has taken traditional piano lessons remembers the drills. Starting with scales, these drills are practiced over and over and over. The student may find them fun at first, but after practicing them for an hour or two, they begin to get bored and almost start to dread practicing the drills before their next lesson. Many people will quit playing because they don’t see the point in the drills and they just get bored playing the same drills repeatedly without learning the songs they want to play. They just want to learn to play songs, not focus on learning music theory. 

Online lessons are different. There is some music theory that needs to be learned, but it’s not a focus. Instead, the focus is on learning chords and how to put everything together to play a song. Instead of learning classical songs you’re not interested in, you can learn how to play some of today’s biggest hits. Because you’re starting out with learning songs, not with practicing drills, you’re going to have a lot more fun with your lessons and you’ll find learning to play really can be done fast. 


Online Lessons Simply Work

Online lessons, compared to traditional lessons, allow you to learn to play much faster and enable you to learn to play the songs you enjoy listening to. It doesn’t take any prior experience to get started. Whether you learned to play long ago but didn’t stick with it and forgot a lot of what you learned or you’ve never touched a piano before, you can start learning how to play with online lessons today. Even if you’ve only played chopsticks on the piano as a kid, you can be playing real songs almost immediately. 

You can choose to start right now and look through the lessons to see the songs you’re going to be able to play in just a few short weeks. These are not classical songs or older songs you’ve never heard of; they’re songs you listen to on the radio every day and enjoy singing along with. It really doesn’t have to be hard for you to learn how to play, even if you have a busy schedule or have no natural music talent. Online lessons make up for this by teaching you what you need to know to start playing songs you love right now, not years from now.  


Start Learning to Play the Piano Today

If you want to learn to play piano, don’t wait any longer. It’s not necessary to shift your schedule to fit weekly lessons or to make sure you have plenty of time to practice every day. In fact, when you start playing, you might find any excuse to practice and realize you have more time to learn than you might have thought. The  Huffington Post even says that learning how to play the piano is a skill you can learn in less than a year, even with the busiest of schedules. 

It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how little free time you actually have. You can start learning to play today. You can sit down at the piano and start learning your first song right now. Check out the online lessons available through Piano In 21 Days to start getting the help you need to play fun, modern songs right away without all of the drills or other practice needed.

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