47% of the world’s people use the internet, which means every time you are online, you are definitely not alone. An explosion of information came with the development of the internet. Now, there is no limitation to what people can learn – even how to play the piano. You can find tons of free resources just by doing a quick Google search, and, if you don’t feel like separating the wheat from the chaff, there are online courses. It’s safe to say that online learning is the future of education.  

Although taking online course seems like the best way to learn piano at home, it can turn into your worst nightmare if you invest in the wrong one. To avoid this, here are three questions you should ask before signing up an online course.   

  1. Will the method work well for you?

  2. There are many approaches to learn piano and you need to research carefully before choosing. What works for other people may not suit you well.  

For example, play by ear can be an excellent option for those who have enough time to practice and possess some innate talent that allows them to recognize notes, chords, and melodies just by listening. Average people who don’t have an “ear” for music, though, will find it challenging to learn piano using this method.  

  1. Is the course simple to understand and follow? 

When signing up for an online course, you are the teacher and learning on your own. There is just no physical interaction, so if the course is using complex concepts or techniques, you will have a hard time understanding it fully. No matter how much online instruction tries, it can’t offer as much help as when meeting in person. Besides, you chose to take an online course to save time, not to spend more on music theories and skills too complicated to understand.   

That’s why taking an online course is the best way to learn piano only if it provides easy concepts that are, both, simple to understand and necessary to a solid foundation.  

  1. Are you happy with your choice? 

Does the course give you a fun time with the piano? If you have to do boring drills and play music you dislike, then the course is probably not for you. But if you would like to learn how to play pop piano, it’s probably for you. When taking online courses, there is no one to force you to do this or that – you have to rely on self-discipline to make sure that you are taking beginner piano lessons and practicing.  

If you don’t find it interesting anymore, you get distracted and fall behind. Plus, the fact that signing up for online courses is easier, as well as cheaper, than hiring a teacher. Once you are bored with it, you can quit without hesitance. And that’s it. You just wasted your time and effort for nothing.    

If you have a busy schedule or can’t afford in-person lessons, taking an online course is the best way to learn piano. However, as there are many available courses on the market, so it’s easy to waste your time, effort, and money on the wrong one. Before signing up for an online course, make sure it fits how you want to learn, your schedule, and your motivations!

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