Memorizing the notes, scaling the music, starting with your favorite song, recognizing notes, chord inversions –  a million ways to learn how to play the piano. Each of these methods depends on the how quickly can you pick up on things. It also depends on how good a teacher you have. Nevertheless, all these methods have been quite successful in teaching a student how to learn the chords of a piano. Despite everything, someone will keep asking about the fastest way to learn the piano. 

So, what are the tricks to learn how to play piano easily and fast? Well, you need to learn how to play slow first. It might sound contradictory, but it has helped many a person who wanted to expedite the process of learning piano. Other than that, here are some pointers to help you learn the piano faster. 

Look For Your Trouble Spots 

Well, let’s be frank. If you are looking for the fastest way to learn piano, you are not an expert in playing piano, are you? You are a novice, who is trying to hone his/her skills. If that is the case, then you have a lot of pain points or trouble spots, which need mending. So, the first step to speed up the learning process is to look for your trouble spots and focus on them. We are all human, but that doesn’t stop you from making a mistake, understanding what went wrong, and mending it.  

Hone Your Finger Technique 

As mentioned previously, learning to play slower tunes, might help you master the process of playing the piano faster. This is because, sometimes, a slower tune has more intricate motifs, bass and treble notes which you will not find in the faster notes of the piano. So, when you start playing the slower notes correctly, you’d be able to learn to play the piano faster, compared to others. Additionally, as you might know, the flexibility of your fingers plays a crucial role in how good you are with the acoustic keyboard or piano. So, make sure that you brush up your finger skills and the chord inversion skills. 

Precision Matters 

While it might sound silly, you need to love the music you are creating. Sure, you can play a piece too quickly, and even mess up the notes. However, do you think that is a good piece of art? No, it’s not. So, you should pay attention to the note quality you are producing. Precision matters in every setup, and the same holds true with piano playing. If you need to get in the mood, make sure that you sit up straight and maintain your posture, and curving your hands, which are the proper physical aspects of playing the piano. 

Focus, Discipline & Practice 

You cannot master the art of playing the piano if you don’t have laser focus and discipline. Additionally, you need to practice and practice well, so that you can learn to play the piano before the required time. There’s no shortcut to practicing and learning. Check it out

So, now that you know about the fastest way to learn the piano, it is time to get started. Learning to play is easy, and all you need is a bit of determination, knowledge, and focus!

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