Online Piano Lessons

The piano is an instrument that many people wish to learn, and hundreds of reasons why.  

First and foremost, a piano offers excellent sound even with no accompaniment, yet it can be played with a group and still stand out. People love to gather around a pianist and sing, making it the perfect choice for social gatherings, and the availability of music for the piano is endless. Anyone who dreams of learning to play will find there are several ways to do so, and some of the best methods are offered online. What are the benefits of choosing the online option over numerous others? 

Beginners often assume they must hire a teacher to learn to play the piano. Once an instructor has been found, they will learn where to place their hands and how, how to read notes and how to play songs. However, this may not be the best option anymore with the invention of the internet. Below are some common piano lesson 101 methods beginners typically follow when learning to play the piano.  


Sheet music 

This is the traditional way to learn to play piano. A great deal of time must be spent learning how to read the notes and follow along with the music before you even get to the fundamentals of music theory. Most teachers will expect the student to learn scales and other technical aspects of the music as well, before they’re ever allowed to play songs they enjoy. This method leaves many students bored before they ever play their first song, and quite a few give up early on, thinking it’s just not for them.


Learning by ear 

Some people can naturally hear a song and play it without formal training. They pick out different parts of the music, such as the melody or a chord, and simply repeat these notes beautifully on the piano. If you don’t have this natural inclination, as most of us don’t, then trying to learn how isn’t the best option. Many people who learn by ear don’t learn the basics of melodies, chords, and other fundamental aspects of the piano, so they never know how to play a new song, only imitate.


Video lessons 

YouTube is great for learning many things, including how to play the piano. However, this method has many of the same drawbacks seen with learning by sheet music. Students are typically taken through a series of lessons that focus on reading sheet music, playing scales, learning how to read notes, and more. The process of learning to play popular music takes an extended period of time, and numerous people give up before they ever reach this point. Furthermore, students aren’t taught how to put their own spin on the music when they use this method. They aren’t learning music but are being taught to copy someone else.   


Learning chords 

Many people who learn to play the piano by learning chords find they make the music their own. Improvisation becomes easy when this method is used. Furthermore, they can play popular songs in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months or years. The progress seen with this method encourages the student to continue and improve on his or her skills with time.   

Piano In 21 Days puts a different spin on video lessons and learning chords, focusing the course on learning the basic parts of music in order to play songs you truly enjoy. Piano teacher Jacques Hopkins specializes in teacher beginners basic pop songs and helping them learn how to learn, not how to copy.  

When a person learns to play chords and improvise, he or she picks up the piano quickly and can be playing music in no time. In fact, using this method allows the student to begin playing pop music or their preferred genre almost immediately. With lessons in this method offered online, a person can make progress without delay.  


The Benefits of Learning Online

People who want to learn to play piano find there are several benefits of doing so online. First and foremost, you can work lessons around your schedule. Hiring a piano teacher means you have to set time aside in your schedule every week for lessons, and many individuals find it impossible to do so. Missed weeks can mean missed practice, falling behind on song work, and losing motivation. This problem is easily solved with online piano lessons, as you’re the one taking lessons on your own schedule, whether that’s every day at 1pm or every Thursday at midnight.  


Some individuals find they are embarrassed by their lack of skill, and this is especially true when it comes to adults. They don’t like to share their lack of knowledge with others, so they don’t even try to learn new skills – piano included. While taking online lessons, people find they can move at their own pace without others judging them for mistakes or “slow” pace. You can learn how to enjoy practicing and learn to be proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small.  


If you dream of playing the piano for yourself or to entertain others but lack the time, patience, or confidence to engage in traditional piano lessons, learning with Piano In 21 Days is the right choice for you.  


Students who try this method discover their love of piano and how quickly they can learn. The entire course takes only three weeks to complete, so enroll today! 


You will find you can play music you love in no time, and you’ll have a hobby for life. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!