Most people don’t realize how beneficial online piano lessons can be. With lessons featured online, a person can accelerate their learning, while retaining more and becoming proficient faster. These are just a few of the reasons many people have turned to online piano lessons. With online lessons, individuals can learn piano basics, including notes, chords, and even songs, all from the comfort of their home. Even better, there is no worry regarding traffic to get to the lesson or clashing with the instructor.  


Online Piano Lessons

Before diving into the advantages and disadvantages of online lessons, it is a good idea to see how learning the piano can be beneficial in general.  


When a person learns a musical instrument (and this is true for all instruments, including the piano), there are a wide array of advantages seen, from musical recognition and hand-eye coordination to playback skills. Music can effectively change the way a person thinks, feels and views the world. It invokes emotions and can even help those learning have a more positive outlook on life.  


The benefits of learning piano specifically are that this is a very versatile instrument. It offers both low and high ranges, which means it is possible to find a song that everyone loves to play on the piano.  


There are some who are intimidated to try and learn piano once they have reached adulthood because of time or if they are worried they won’t be able to learn the song. This doesn’t have to be an issue when the individual opts for piano lessons online.  


Advantages of Taking Piano Lessons Online

While this is likely not surprising, there are more than a few benefits offered by learning piano online. Learn more about the specific advantages here.  


Ability to Learn from Home

The biggest advantage of taking piano lessons online is that a person has the ability to learn from the comfort of their own home. There are quite a few individuals who aren’t comfortable playing in front of others while they are still in the learning process. As a result, it may take them longer to learn a new song or even new chords or notes if they are learning at someone else’s home, in front of other people.  


With online piano lessons, this isn’t an issue. These lessons can be done anywhere – at home, school, work, etc. As a result, those taking the lessons have the opportunity to truly blossom into their piano playing skills.  


Take as Many Lessons Per Week as Desired

Another advantage of taking online piano lessons online is that a person can learn as quickly or slowly as they desire. If a person is busy, they can limit their lesson times, or if they have downtime, they can move ahead and breeze through several lessons at a time. The person taking the lessons is in charge and the one responsible for setting their learning schedule. Also, it is simple to adjust practice times to fit their life and responsibilities, rather than having to adjust a schedule to fit the piano lesson times and locations.  


Ability to Rewind and Re-Watch Benefits

With online piano lessons, it is also possible to re-watch and rewind videos when struggling to learn something new. There are some students who are embarrassed or scared to ask instructors to show them a new skill or song again. They may worry they are being annoying or too slow, compared to other students.  


However, with online lessons, this isn’t an issue. The individual taking the lesson is able to determine how fast or slow to go and rewind the lessons if necessary. This provides them with an infinite amount of practice. They can also go back over the old lessons to recap or continue on with the next lessons. The progression of the course is completely up to the person taking it.  


Potential Drawbacks of Piano Lessons

Just like anything else in life, there are a few possible downsides to online piano lessons, as well. Understanding what these are can help a person determine if online learning is the right option for them.  


Time to Find the Right Lesson

Not all online piano lessons are going to be created equal. As a result, it may take a person a while to find a lesson that fits their needs. Regardless of if someone wants pre-recorded options or a live teacher that conducts the lesson via video chat, there are more than a few options. An individual will have to take the time to sort through all the lessons to find the one that suits their learning style and needs.  


When it comes to downsides, the good news is, the above-mentioned issue is really the only one that most students encounter. As a result, it makes sense to take online piano lessons due to the convenience they offer. However, as anyone can see, there are other benefits to be had, as well.  


Finding the Right Online Piano Course

To find the right course for a person’s specific needs, there are several factors to consider. These factors are listed here.  

  • Cost of the course 
  • Availability of the course (videos, live teacher via video chat, etc.) 
  • Duration – How quickly does the person want to learn? 

Taking the time to narrow down the available options and asking for advice from others is a great way to find the right online piano course. This is an important decision, so anyone considering online lessons should take their time to ensure they find the course that is right for their learning style and needs.  


Being informed and knowing what online piano lessons have to offer is the best way for a person to determine if this is how they would like to learn the instrument. In many cases, online lessons will also be more affordable than those offered in-person, but this isn’t always the case, so it is best to find out about price early on during the research process.


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