Where to start when wanting to learn piano quickly 

The best place to start for anyone wanting to learn piano is to take basic piano lessons for beginners. One of the favored routes to learning the piano that you can take is online piano lessons. Online piano lessons offer a nice change to the traditional basic piano lessons for beginners 


You can learn piano quick with online piano lessons since you get to learn at your own pace and determine what you want to learn regarding the piano. Some online piano lesson websites can get you to learn piano in as early as twenty-one days!

Best basic piano lessons for beginners

The best basic piano lessons for beginners are ones that not only suit the student’s learning style but also keeps them interested in learning the piano in the long-term. No one wants to turn learning a new hobby into a chore – right? That is where online piano lessons come in.

Online piano lessons are the best way for beginners to gain a firm foundation in the basics of the piano and it won’t cost you a pretty penny in the process. You get many great benefits with online piano lessons beyond just learning piano fast.  


Some benefits include: learning technical piano skills through fun pop songs instead of traditional classical music, setting your own piano learning goals, doing something you love without feeling bummed by the traditional piano learning atmosphere, and the list goes on.

What you can do to help yourself learn piano quickly

There are a few extra tips one can apply to their online piano lessons.  


1.) Get the basics of the piano down first! 


You want to get a firm foundation from the basic piano lessons for beginners before you enter into the more advanced piano lessons. As the saying goes, don’t put the carriage before the horse. The basic piano lessons will provide you with all the necessary technical skills to play well on the piano.  


For instance, the basic piano lessons for beginners will teach you proper posture, proper hand placement, how to play chords, and how to play chord inversions.  


2.) Set realistic goals!

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself when learning something new. The piano is no different. When it comes to goal setting, try to make simple goals such as learning one of your favorite pop songs that is easy to play. When you set unrealistic goals like learning Mozart in a day you end up setting yourself up for failure.  


Leave the advanced piano pieces for when you’ve become proficient in the piano enough to handle the advanced piano skills.  


3.) Time management and practice – the beginnings of a true pianist

It is vital that you schedule your day around learning the piano, if at all possible. That way, you will always have enough time to learn. The typical amount of time a person needs to become decent at the piano is thirty minutes to an hour a day, every day. 


The more time you put into learning the piano, the more likely you will learn piano fast with excellent results. So, apply those great time management skills to work in your favor! 


Final thoughts 


The piano can be hard to learn for those just starting out, but it gets easier as you learn each skill. Stay focused on what you want to achieve when learning the piano and you are bound to succeed.  


You may need more or less time depending on how much effort you put into learning the piano, so it is okay if you don’t learn piano in a month. After all, it takes time to master the techniques to create beautiful art. Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Jacques’ Free Workbook Today!”