Where to start when trying to learn the piano

Best way to learn to play the piano is through online piano lessons. There are many great blogs, videos, and online teachers that will help you learn how to play the piano. All you need is you – the piano student in question, a piano/ piano keyboard, a set of goals, time to play and practice, and a computer, tablet, or phone with Wi-Fi internet access.  


Beginner edition: best ways to learn to play the piano

The best way to learn to play the piano is through playing piano music you will enjoy. For instance, you can use your favorite pop songs or your favorite songs piano cover to learn the various piano techniques. Sounds better than attempting to read and play the cliché Christmas tunes or Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over again, right?

Some of the best ways to learn to play the piano are through online piano lessons and other types of online resources. Online piano lessons in combination with instructional guides will teach you the proper piano techniques, the proper piano posture of both body and hands, the various piano chords, and piano chord inversions.

All of these prove essential as technical aspects of playing the piano. 


Things to consider when using online piano lessons  

Online piano lessons have numerous benefits other than those stated above. Go here for more information. You get to learn at your own pace which will allow you the time to perfect the piano techniques or song you want to play.  

You get to set your own piano goals rather than a standard teacher telling you what goals you need to meet. You get to choose your own music instead of having to play predetermined classics.

Despite the good points of using online piano lessons, there are still a few things of which to be aware. Some people will recommend a professional piano teacher because you learn the correct way to place your hands and body in proper posture for the piano.  


Professional piano teachers can also teach you music theory and other aspects of music, whereas, online piano lessons might not go into as much detail about those topics if at all. If you are striving for a professional career as a pianist in an orchestra, then you certainly need a piano/ music teacher.

If you want no more than to be a keyboardist for a rock band, your school band, church, or just for fun, however, then online lessons are perfect and the best way to learn to play the piano.   


Other resources that can assist beginners with their online piano lessons 

Youtube.com offers a decent size database of videos of how to play various piano covers of popular songs. You can also find visual lessons on piano techniques, instructions on the technical aspects of the piano and more.  


Google.com and WikiHow are a few other options when trying to find the right online piano lessons for you.   

The local library and bookstores are also great resources for learning the piano. These two options will offer books that can give you the written explanations and other information regarding the piano. Some people learn best through reading, so don’t be afraid to pick up a couple of piano books to aid you in your online piano lessons.  


Final thoughts

Remember to set realistic piano goals for yourself and practice every day or, at the very least, as often as possible. When using popular music, try to find music that gives you a challenge or looks fun to play. By doing this, you keep yourself on track and prevent yourself from growing bored with the piano lessons. 

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