Online piano lessons are growing in popularity as technology continues to advance and as people get busier and busier and have less time for scheduled in-person lessons. But is learning piano online as effective as the traditional route? Here are 5 reasons I say YES!

1 – Flexible Schedules

With traditional piano lessons, you sign up with a local teacher and go to your lesson once a week. What if your work schedule changes one particular week and you can’t make your lesson. Then you have to wait even longer for your next lesson. Once a week isn’t even very often to begin with.

Online piano lessons are there when you want them. Are you a night owl? No problem… learn at 1 a.m. Early riser?… your lessons will be ready for you at 5 a.m..

2 – Testimonials

Most online piano courses reach people from all over the world and are proven to get results. If an online piano course is effective then there are likely students who were happy to provide a testimonial video about the course. I wouldn’t trust any online piano lessons without first getting to hear from students who have been through the program. Here is an example testimonial from a former Piano In 21 Days student: Click here.

3 – Useful Technology

There is some cool technology that usually comes with online piano lessons. Some people think a disadvantage is not being able to see what keys the instructor is pressing. But with some software called Synthesia, the online piano teacher can have “guitar hero style” notes coming down from the top of the video as well as have the keys he or she is pressing light us. Click here for more information.

4 – Experts

Imagine being able to select from a crop of teachers from all over the world, and not just in your local city or town. By choosing to learn piano online, you are literally able to select your instructor regardless of location. Most of my students are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. But I also have students in Mongolia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and so on. Don’t limit yourself by only being able to pick from local teachers.

5 – Adult-Friendly

You know it. I know it. Traditional piano lessons are geared toward kids. The first song you will probably learn is “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Seriously? You’re an adult and you should be learning adult songs. Learning piano online allows you to select a program that is geared toward adults.

Ready to Try Online Piano Lessons?

By this point, you should know which way of how to play piano is best for you. If you’re ready to give chords and improvisation a shot, then go ahead and grab a copy of my free workbook and start actually learning to play the piano today from the best website to learn piano.

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